Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tame the Madness... The Freedom to Overcome FEAR.


Everything is on it’s way to somewhere…

The lasting impression of your legacy will be
determined in length and width and depth.

  • The Length of your ability to recover from setbacks
  • The Width of your ability to overcome self-limiting fears
  • The Depth of your reliance upon Divine intervention

Today marks the closing post of the DISCOVER blog series. If you are new to reading this blog, don’t worry - start reading today, you will get up to speed in no-time.

So today, it is important to share with you two (2) last points surrounding the discovery of Infinite Inspiration and Motive to overcome ALL Restraints...

  1. The Cunning Nature and Power of FEAR
  2. The Acceptance of Divine Assistance.

The Cunning Nature of Fear...

The door of Purpose swings both ways. Purpose can lead to Divine Happiness or it can lead you to delusional self-satisfaction. Purpose can be used for your Greater Good or for your Demise. In its natural state of equilibrium, we find in the universe both do good Heros and Zealots of terror. NEVER underestimate the cunning power of Revenge and Fear. These two are very POWERFUL Motivators. I shall warn you here and now, that long term development of these two skills WILL eventually lead to self-destruction in all forms; personal relationship, professional career, spiritual enlightenment, eternal happiness. Ends and means are inseparable; you cannot dream, create and live a life of delivered Highest Potential, through the destructive means of Revenge and Fear.

The Power of FEAR...

So powerful, in it’s self-limiting nature, is Fear that it’s components, in any individual form or combination, WILL prove to deter your efforts of delivered Desire of Purpose. Only the imposed self-limitation of Fear can contain the fulfillment and Obtainment of your Highest Human Potential.

Let me repeat this...
the fulfillment and Obtainment
of your Desire of Purpose.

So powerful is Fear that a single component
WILL serve as ample restraint
to the delivery of
your Highest Human Potential.

The Restraints of Fear...

There are six (6) components of self-limiting Fear, namely;

  • The Fear of Poverty or Limited Worthiness
  • The Fear of Failing Health
  • The Fear of Criticism
  • The Fear of Old Age
  • The Fear of Loss of Someone
  • The Fear of Death / Dying

You MUST overcome Fear at ALL cost! Note the orientation below.

Now, recall our last words...
the fulfillment and Obtainment
of your Desire of Purpose.

There is no shame in the recognition of your inner fear. Only after it is recognized can you plan a course of attack to overcome the accompanying anxiety. You must see this is a Huge turning point... for many initiate to walk the path of Obtainment, few choose to endure the self-examination to isolate the source of self-limitation, of inner fear. The Universal reward for acknowledging your source of inner fear... Divine Assistance to overcome all obstacles. Recognize that the power to deliver Your Greatness, the power to overcome is already with you; it flows from within you and through you.

Divine Assistance...

The Dream and Creation of YourOneGR8Life requires great fortitude of Spirit. You are not meant to walk this path alone. Divine Assistance to overcome all obstacles of fear is received through the inner reflection required to DISCOVER your unique combination of Inspiration and Motive. Here you have it all, in confidence you direct your actions from the inside-to the-outside in order to conquer self-limitation. It is an all out effort. First, to isolate your Source of Inspiration. Second, to wrap that Inspiration with a blanket of Motive.

By now you should begin to recognize a repeating pattern leading toward the discovery and delivery of Highest Human Potential; that your one great life is a quiet reflection of self-understanding, enhanced through the moments of created stillness of prayer or meditation. Stillness of mind is not about, a lazy mind. Quite the opposite - stillness of mind only occurs when the mind is elevated to function at its highest level of calm. Here you come to realize that it is my OneGR8Life and I AM invited to Dream it, Create it, Live it. The directed journey of Obtainment of your Highest Human Potential is a path which leads from the Inside-Out; The External Radiation from Within. From this source of incredible inner strength the Delivery of your unique Desire of Purpose prevails. From within you have been Divinely granted the ability to overcome ALL restraints. Indeed, You Can BE, or DO, or GIVE, Anything that You Desire.

Need a quick example of moving from Inside-Outward?  

Here’s a connected thought for you; My Desire of Purpose to Improve the Human Condition is Inspired to increase my Health of Spirit, I AM motivated to develop and deliver a message of Love and inspired hope in exchange to overcome my fear and self-limitation of criticism.

Here is another connected thought for you; My Desire of Purpose to create an organization dedicated to the delivery of world class digital marketing solutions is Inspired to increase my philanthropic contributions of income to others, I AM motivated to develop and deliver products to enhance the personal expression and recognition of others in exchange to overcome my fear and self-limitation of created lasting legacy upon my earthly demise.

How phenomenal do the days of your life become when you wake with the resolve of focus which you have read above?

The Snare of Fear...

Should you choose to disregard the recognition of your inner fear, and the assembly of your combined Inspiration and Motive, you will jeopardize the delivery of your Desire of Purpose. From fear you can run... but you cannot hide! The snare of fear is anxiety. Anxiety anchors your forward mobility in a web of uncertainty and decreased Ambition.  Without Ambition, there can be no achievements; without achievements there is no accomplishment, without accomplishment there can be no Obtainment of Desire of Purpose.

For any Desire of Purpose, you CAN assemble a single, unique, combination of possibility to unlock your FEAR. I CANNOT identify your internal source of fear for you - You must learn of and perfect this combination if you Desire a life of Happiness and Abundance. This Combination lies within YOU! Only YOU possess the keys of self-reflection and the desire of created stillness found in your self examination. Through self-understanding, You UNCOVER the notion, idea or thought of Purpose, from within you DISCOVER the sources of Inspiration and Motive to Overcome ALL restraint. Erased once and for all, is your shadow of doubt regarding the potential and responsibility of YourOneGR8Life; You are responsible to Dream it, Create it, Live it; this is your Highest Human Potential!


We have spent many words now collecting the tools of skill and will necessary to overcome ALL restraints. Only one questions remains unanswered...

Are You willing to accept the responsibility
to Deliver YourOneGR8Life? Or,
will FEAR overcome once again?

The Power of Possessed Knowledge...

Never before have you possessed the Powerful tools that you have been exposed to here, through this DISCOVER blog series. Where much power has been collected, Highest Potential occurs. Power represents the focus of your collected energy. The energy which uniquely fills your life has taken billions of years to collect into the object of Being that is You.

Greatness shines in you and through-you. The collected energy of Inspiration and Motive are your Divine Assistants to overcome all self-limitation in the form of inner fear. You have the power of collected energy to develop your Dream, to Deliver your Creation, sufficient enough to Live your one great life.

The greatest power has now been entrusted to you for the Obtainment of your Desire of Purpose. The power to heal, or the power to harm… remain diligent in your intention to provide positive contribution for the Improvement of the greater Human Condition. Remain on guard against the cunning nature of ego. Your greatest contribution(s) will be found in your quest to DISCOVER, How Can I Serve?

Tools for Your Continued Journey...
The tools for your continued safe journey along the path to discover and deliver you OneGR8Life now include your...

- Map to Obtainment - Has anyone ever armed you with a tool so specific as to outline a repeatable path of Destination and Direction? Has anyone ever invited you to journey along a path of continued added value, for self as well as, for the others that you seek to serve?
- The SYNC Exercise - Have you ever possessed a tool so powerful and flexible to UNCOVER the Internal Values required as you initiate a Desire of Purpose?
- Five Questions to Unlock the Receivership of Purpose coupled with Discovery of Inspiration and Motive - At any time in life, have you ever been in such clarity as to recognize:

  • The components of Purpose and the Infinite role of Inspiration and Motive?
  • The elements of Self-Limitation and Inner Fear, the Invitation of Divine Assistance?
Have you ever been in a position to stare inner FEAR in the eyes, recognizing the limited nature of its components and being ARMED with the tools of skill and will to overcome?

I think not!

We have covered a great deal in the DISCOVER Series! I realize that impatience grows within you, to put all these wonderful pieces to use. The preceding sections have been critical as they establish a baseline for that which comes next. I can only encourage you to hang-on and continue your reading followership.

---      ---      ---

Take Away Thoughts:

If housed within me is the ability to see my opportunity of Desired Purpose, then also within, is the Inspiration and Motive to Overcome ALL Restraints. I chose my source of self-limitation, of inner fear; I choose the sources of Inspiration and Motive to overcome the anxiety of this fear.

I AM More Powerful than I ever Imagined!

---      ---      ---

Next: We advance to the next stepping stone found on our path of Obtainment... EXCHANGE. Here we will be exploring and applying principles such as Price-to-Value, Thoughts, Imagination, and Lions, and Tigers and Bears... Oh My!

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