Tuesday, April 21, 2015

One Secret to Increasing Your Potential

Willing to Increase Your Potential?

Combine Your Energy!

The total sum of your potential energy,
will be no greater than the sum of its parts.
Grow the parts, grow the potential.
Combine the parts, attract exceptional.

Internal Combinations...

On the path to deliver your Desire of Purpose, your potential is only limited by your capacity to combine and sustain energy.  Yes, in order to achieve your Highest Human Potential, to deliver your Desire of Purpose, you will need to learn to combine energy. Learn to combine your own internal energy, as well as, learn to combine with the external energy of the others that you seek to be influenced by; as well as those that you seek to influence.

Let's start with combining your own internal energy. The combining of internal energy is relatively simple and occurs with greater frequency than you would suspect. There is little to fear here, as the combining of internal energy is holistic.  This simply means that the components which you are given to combine are interrelated and impacted by each other. Let's begin with the most common energy combination; Mental Energy + Physical Energy.

Common Combination…

This is your common everyday, go to, energy combination. You can easily recognize this combination as, ‘solution’. There are two occurrences in the transformation of Desire to create this energy combination.

  1. You have uncovered some mental desire in need of transformation; where physical energy, in its great abundance of strength, is all that is necessary to accommodate the transformation of the mental notion, idea, or thought into its physical equivalence.
  2. You have uncovered some physical desire in need of transformation; where mental energy, in its abundance of imagination, is all that is necessary to accommodate the transformation of the physical notion, idea, or thought into its physical equivalence.

It is significant to pause, and recognize the underlying role which is being played here by AMBITION. AMBITION as we have stated in the past, is the starting point of all achievement. This would certainly hold true for the satisfaction of your immediate needs of solution.

You find the day-to-day need for solution at the immediate; spontaneous mind delivered presentations of every notion, idea or thought. Examples of notions, ideas, or thoughts in need of immediate solution would include... What to physically wear to work? What words to use as you mentally rehearse for your sales presentation? What will be the shortest route to take to physically get across town A.S.A.P.? What to do to fix a flat tire? What to fix for dinner? How to get the kids from school to soccer practice while stuck in mid-town traffic? What about getting to the gym? What about, while at the gym, the combined energy of solution required as your mind calls to push one more rep, as your muscles scream; Stop!

As you can see, there are a multitude of opportunities during your day-to-day, immediate, life where solutions are required. Solution to these day-to-day occurrences are attracted as you combine Mental Energy + Physical Energy. Of course, these are examples of the small opportunities which require the combination of energy. What about the big picture opportunities? When it comes to the delivery of Desire of Purpose, you must learn to move beyond the combination of internal energy, beyond immediate solutions.

What happens when the delivery of your Desire of Purpose requires the combination of energy to extended circumstance outside your circle of control. This would require the attraction of a combined energy necessary to be influenced by others, and necessary to provide influence to others. Now you recognize, that the delivery of Desire of Purpose will require an energy combination necessary to harness survival.

Attracted Energy...

As a species we are driven to survival. You will find attainment of survival through the point of blended energy which occurs at the overlap of Physical and Mental Energies.


Here you see that, survival is sustained as the resultant synergy of the attraction between Mental and Physical Energies. The convenience of this attracted relationship is that it blends to accommodate in real-time, to sustain an infinite combination of inspired possibilities. You should read this again, and recognize the pearl of opportunity which you have just uncovered;

"The convenience of this attracted relationship is that it blends to accommodate in real-time, to sustain an infinite combination of inspired possibilities".

Wrapped in this infinite combination of inspired possibility is the truth which allows you to recognize that in YourOneGR8Life, you do hold the potential to BE Anything, or to DO Anything, or to GIVE Anything.  

At this unique overlap, there is no wrong combination of blended energy and resulting inspired action. All inspired action taken is applied directly towards the progressive realization of survival. At all times, under any condition of circumstance, you can blend these circles of energy into a combined attraction towards the delivery of Desire of Purpose. This is Hugely Significant! This reduces failure to, no more than, a mere recognition of an inadequate EXCHANGE of attracted energy. You see, if you have not yet reached the delivery of your Desire of Purpose, you have not failed; you have merely not yet attracted the correct EXCHANGE, or combination of blended energy and inspired action. Failure presumes that you have no further option; in this model you are filled with infinite options and you are simply invited to configure a new energy blend and try again.

The convenience of this blended energy is good stuff. The creation of inspired action is as useful as it is powerful. In the attracted relationship of survival energy, you can almost always find sufficient methods to assure the attainment of your Desires. But, you are not interested in ‘attained' survival, or the 'Attainment of Desires'; you are interested in ‘Obtainment', the holding of your Desire of Purpose, your Highest Human Potential.  Correct? Obtainment, not Attainment… Are you beginning to see the subtle but meaningful difference?
     -Just checking, to make sure that you are still with me, on this...

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Mindful Moments (Thoughts for you to Take Away):
In the delivery of my Desire of Purpose, I AM filled with energy. The combination of My Mental Energy and Physical Energy sustains me through my OneGR8Life.  AMBITION is my starting point. Energy Combinations allow me to attract an infinite combination of inspired possibilities. I Can, I Will Obtain my Desire of Purpose!

NEXT-UP, The EXCHANGE of Your Desire of Purpose for Your Truest Source of Happiness!
     - Really?  /  Really!!

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