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EXCHANGE: The Journey To Transition Your Desires

"The few who do are the envy of the many who only watch."
-- Jim Rohn

Before we head back out on
the trail let's pull out our

At this point the OneGR8Life blog post is sequential in nature. Following the path, we are walking through each of the Obtainment steps. SO far we have crossed through...

- The starting point of all Achievement.

- The significance of WHO before WHAT and HOW; to carry you to the delivery of
your Desire of Purpose.


EXCHANGE: Shall we get started?

We now enter into the fourth step of Obtainment; EXCHANGE. The EXCHANGE will involve Motion and Action, an Understanding of the Energy of Obtainment, the Recognition of your Truest source of Happiness and finally the introduction of the Highest Human Potential Framework. Once completed you will be in possession of a clear Declaration of your Desire of Purpose.

We introduced the concept of EXCHANGE a couple of weeks ago, in the 'Directions of Desire; We Live by Faith...' post. In this post we stated...

Equilibrium and the Transformation of Desires...

Once your Desire of Purpose, your something, is Discovered, you will
automatically be rewarded with a direction of fulfillment. Your direction of
fulfillment, your HOW, will be seen through the combination and
exchange of the remaining two desires. Let's Quickly explore this concept of combination and exchange...

Sir Isaac Newton's Laws of Physics serve us handily here. Through his Law of Equilibrium, Newton teaches us that every action, must posses an equal, yet opposite reaction. Physics teachers like using the example of placing your hands against a wall and then trying to push the wall over. Since the wall does not push-over, the example successfully demonstrates that the energy force exerted, by your hands pushing against the wall, was equal to, the opposite energy force exerted by the wall pushing against your hands.

That's right, in order for you to push over the wall; you would need to surmount an energy force greater than the wall can withstand. It is absolutely No Different with the transformation of an notion, idea or thought into its physical equivalence. You see, the transformation of your Desire of Purpose can only occur when the energy forces applied are Greater Than the value of the notion, idea, or thought. In this light, you are free to recognize that Big Desires are fully achievable, they are simply waiting for you to Combine and EXCHANGE for energy forces of greater value. You see, until You create this condition, your Desire of Purpose remains but a Dream.

Continuing forward through this post, we found an exercise of Exchange which allowed us to utilize the convenience found through the Directions of Desire. Now begins the real work of developing a sufficient energy force to knock over the wall of your Desire of Purpose. Let's cover a few basics as to where this energy force comes from...

Obtainment is an Inside Job...

Straight-up you need to know that in your greatest moment of need it Will Be You and You alone who becomes responsible for the things that you choose to do, and the things that you choose not to do. It is not ‘luck’ or the ‘breaks’ that assure the Obtainment of your Highest Human Potential. I, along with your family and friends can only extend our warmest regards; wishing for your Obtainment. You see it is YOUR LIFE, and therefore it is YOU and YOUR willingness to Create and Control the things that you think about, that assure you sufficient energy to deliver your Desire of Purpose.

Motion and Action...

YOUR most important task right now is, to be ready to take action. We are not talking about the waving of arms and legs, here.  Anyone can jump up-and-down - scream and yell, "HEY over here!  “I” need some attention... SOMEBODY Give Me What I Want!" No, we are talking about knowing the difference between motion and action. Think of it this way - Cars are in Motion, Human Beings are in Action.

Without action you will most certainly find yourself being left behind! So your choice - Live a life filled with motion, hoping for the best, carving out an existence of Have Not, of Disappointment, of Unhappiness. OR, Live a life filled with creating action, carving out an existence of Being, or Doing, or Giving, of Happiness. Where you fulfill your intention of Abundance, an Abundance of ALL Good Things.

Are you ready to answer the Call to Action - To Obtain your Highest Potential - to BE, or DO, or GIVE, Anything that You Desire?

---      ---      ---
Mindful Moments… (Thoughts for You to Take Away):  On my path towards the Obtainment of my Desire of Purpose, I have come to a fork in the road. At this fork, I must choose... Concede or Continue? Pausing at the fork in the road, I look about and find the intersection littered with abandoned Dreams.

Looking ahead I see that, one path is clearly marked, and appears well worn; it is marked, Concede; Hope for Best. The other path, although well marked, it looks a bit on the raged side, certainly less used, and almost uninviting; it is marked, Continue; Highest Potential. Which path? A tough choice I need to make!

Many have come before me, many have stood at this exact point, and found only the energy to concede. I AM lying to myself if I accept the notion that my Desire of Purpose matters not. I AM significant, I accept my duty to deliver my Desire of Purpose. I WILL continue! It is my OneGR8Life; I hear the calling of my Desire of Purpose and I must deliver it. I Must Pursuit! I Will Endure…

Next, If You are going to pursuit the delivery of Your Desire of Purpose, You are going to need some very special energy - so let’s fuel up... The Energy of Pursuit, the Energy of Obtainment.
---      ---      ---

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