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RADIANT ENERGY: Features and Benefits

Resilience n. 1. The ability to recover quickly from illness, change, misfortune; buoyancy.  2. The property of a material that enables it to resume its original shape or position after being bent, stretched or compressed; elasticity.

At some point in life, we all will encounter some catastrophe of circumstance which cannot be resolved or comprehended through the application of Mental Energy alone, or Physical Energy alone, or Mental and Physical Energies in combination.  
~  What Then?

Radiant Energy ~Features
In the last chapter you introduced yourself to the flexibility of Radiant Energy, and tagged it as the Highest Human Potential framework. Why, Highest Human Potential? Because, as far as we can tell, no other creature, upon earth, has been granted the freedom of choice to blend Mental Energy, and Physical Energy, and Spiritual Energy for the sake of a chosen Desire of Purpose.

The features of Radiant Energy include its nature to be Reuseable, Self-Generated, Self-Sustaining. From your unique formulation of created Radiant Energy, you are allowed the flexibility of thought to recognize there is an infinite combination of possibility, that there is no such thing as unsolvable or unobtainable Purpose. The element of infinite combination brings to you an understanding that the holding of your Highest Potential is an inside job; you already hold the master key to transition your Divine Purpose, held as a notion, idea or thought, into its physical equivalent.

Inherited Hidden Benefit

Before we move on to find the hiding place of Divine Purpose, let us review an inherited hidden benefit of the Highest Human Potential (HHP) framework.
SE+ME(PE)2=HHP Format.png

There should be little doubt that our Highest Human Potential framework represents a significant source of Radiant Energy and enlightenment. Inherent to the adoption of the framework is the benefit of Life Balance and its associated Happiness.

~ Life Balance...
The Most Critical Component
of Your OneGR8Life.

The Change and EXCHANGE of Energy delivers to you, YourOneGR8Life. But, if that change leaves you belly-up, like a turtle baking in the mid-day sun... That Change is Worthless! Let’s take a moment to make sure you don’t end, belly-up.

HHP Framework -Stability...

Adoption of the HHP Frameworks brings to you the stability of Life Balance. This life balance is obtained through the unique 3-legged appearance of the framework.  Rarely, do we ever see a tripod tip over. The inherited stability of a tripod comes from the physical arrangement of the three legs. In addition to its inherent stability, we find that a tripod is infinitely Adjustable and Adaptable.  Tripods are extraordinarily adaptable to any condition of terrain, in any condition of soil, any condition of orientation, upside down - right-side up. We find the comfort of happiness resting atop the platform of intersection created by the three legs of the HHP Framework.

HHP Framework -Associated Happiness...

Here, resting up top of Your HHP Framework tripod, happiness CAN ALWAYS be found! With three adjustable energies the Creator has bestowed upon us, unchallengeable control of both the attitude and altitude of our earthly happiness.


Here is how it works.

  • When faced with an unhappy circumstance of Physical anguish, you simply, bump up the level of Mental and/or Spiritual energy and, Happiness returns.
  • When faced with an unhappy circumstance of Mental anxiety, you simply bump up the level of Spiritual and/or Physical energy and, Happiness returns.
  • When faced with an unhappy circumstance of Spiritual uncertainty, you simply bump up the level of Physical and/or Mental Energy and, Happiness returns.

Any adjustment to altitude or attitude immediately relieves the stress of uncertainty while gaining the associated Happiness in proportional control. You see, small adjustments to altitude or attitude yields a small adjustment to obtain happiness. Likewise, magnificent adjustments to altitude and attitude, obtain magnificent alterations to our sense of happiness.

You should stop and recognize that the inverse is NOT supported! One does not obtain the increased benefit of altitude and attitude, through false alterations to your sense of happiness. No, in your OneGR8Life, happiness is the resultant of Change; Changes in altitude and attitude of held thought drives happiness - happiness DOES Not drive altitude and attitude of held thoughts. Acts in this vein are false manipulations and increase the potential of long term unhappiness. Continued, long term, acts in this delusional vein can only lead to a depressed spirit; and therefore, must be avoided. Only through changes of thought attitude can you drive the altitude of your happiness.

---      ---     ---

Mindful Moments (Thoughts for you to Take Away):

The abundance I AM offered by adopting the HHP Framework is the enlightenment to realize a greater opportunity of stability and life balance. As I adopt the HHP Framework, I gain control of my earthly happiness. Once I integrate the HHP Framework into my daily routine, forever shall I recognize the controlled flexibility to utilize Changes of energy to drive my happiness. The HHP Framework guides me to move closer to the Obtainment of my OneGR8Life. In EXCHANGE, I recognize that where much has been given, much is expected in return.

Up NEXT,  - We explore, to find the Hidden Nature of Divine Purpose.

---      ---      ---

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