Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tranquility; Finding the Hidden Location of Divine Purpose.


Together we have come a long way to arrive at this point. Your entire life now leads you to the hidden location of Divine Purpose. Are you ready for this? Once revealed, forever will your life be altered! The occurrence of this event is not random. Greatness is within you! This Greatness, it’s looking for a way out - Your Greatness is looking for transformation into its physical equivalence. In the abundance of your OneGR8Life, through your call to discover and deliver your Desire of Purpose, you have attracted this point. There are no random occurrences in the universe. The Source of Infinite Intelligence has granted to you the freedom of choice, that choice comes to you in the form of a notion, idea, or thought, You plant these notions, ideas or thoughts into the fertile grounds of your mind, and a well-spring of infinite possibilities arise. Take action on any of those possibilities and a chain reaction of events initiates to illuminate your path.

I AM to Deliver...

The Hidden Nature of Divine Purpose - In a gathered moment of gratitude, You should take into great consideration the gift granted to you through the course of reading one blog, written in simplicity. Granted to you, now comes 30+years of research, trial, error and applied faith. This moment is your individual #CreatingPhenomenal moment.

The Hidden Nature of Divine Purpose...

The framework of Highest Human Potential will connect three primary human energies; Mental Energy, Physical Energy and Spiritual Energy. Our search for the Hidden Nature of Divine Purpose need only focus at the intersection of these connected energies; at the overlap of our three rings.  The significance of this arrangement is manifested when Radiant Energy is employed toward the transformation of Desire. When the Desire is Obtainment of Highest Human Potential, the transformation of your Divinely held notion, idea or thought, into Physical Equivalence, these rings are then bound together through the emotion of Love. Thus, Love, serves to insure that the delivery of Your Highest Human Potential, the transformation of your Desire of Purpose, must serve to satisfy the Improvement of the greater Human Condition.


The Hidden Nature of Divine Purpose

Let's make sure that you understand the nature of your discovery here, because it is important to remember the deviants of our society, who are just as capable through nature to harness Radiant Energy in the delivery of zealot acts of terror or self-serving harm. SO let’s make sure that there is absolutely no confusion or misinterpretation of Destination, Direction or Intention;  Any Desire of Purpose, held and delivered outside of Improvement to the greater Human Condition, is Not held in Love, and thus, is Not Divine by Nature and, must therefore, not be construed, in any manner, shape or form, as the Obtainment of your Highest Human Potential.

Tranquility on a Daily Basis

So focused in tranquility is the energy at this intersection that we walk past it on a daily basis; paying no mind to its ease of accessibility or the readiness of its availability. Yet, in its unassuming nature it patiently sits; waiting for our beckoning call, aching for our discovery of its enlightenment, silently begging for our exercise of use.

Here in this isolated sea of tranquility is HOW you will Obtain your Highest Human Potential. From within your core of Radiant Energy you will discover and deliver your Divine Purpose. Contained within this focal point, will you summon the resources of endless energy in self-generated and self-sustained balance.

From this simple little point of space and time comes an unstoppable transition of the Human Spirit. At this unique intersection you come to the realization that, Human Transformation; the transformation of ANY notion, idea or thought into its physical equivalence can ONLY occur then Physical Energy and Mental Energy are combined with Spiritual Energy! The simplicity of YourOneGR8Life is two fold;

  1. Constantly be arranging and blending the infinite combinations of these three energies in focus upon the delivery of your Highest Human Potential.
  2. Constantly be growing your capacity of use and understanding of these three energies. Exercise of your Physical body, Expanded knowledge of your mind, continuous development of your spiritual relationship with the Source which lies within.

Life balance is not a school yard tetter-totter, life balance is a tripod of self-generating, self-sustaining energy. In the balance and growth of energy comes obtained joy and happiness, success and riches beyond comprehension.

Until now the question of the ages has been...  HOW!?!

You see you now stand at the door of Obtainment. And, only one question remains unanswered...

Are YOU willing to turn the knob and open the door?

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Mindful Moments (Thoughts for you to Take Away):
Through the adoption of the Highest Human Potential framework, it has become my objective to place my Being into the point of Divine Purpose. Here, enveloped in Love, I AM able to rinse the collection of all my experience, to-date. At the point of Divine Purpose, I rinse my experiences to collect their Greatest intended nature. In my OneGR8Life, ALL experiences have occurred, and will continue to occur, for my greatest benefit. If a past experience has induced emotional pain, sorrow, or discomfort, I shall abandon it here, and now! I choose to venture forward, seeking to deliver my Desire of Purpose. I AM dedicated to the Obtainment of my Highest Human Potential, for the sake of Improvement of the Human Condition.

Up Next…

Understanding the Layered Nature of Divine Purpose. Here you are invited to place order to the Obtainment of Highest Human Potential.
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