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RADIANT ENERGY: Renewable / Self-Generating / Self-Sustaining.

Necessary Changes and Exchanges

To Dream, Create and Live your OneGR8Life you Must embrace the changes and exchanges necessary to radiate the Purpose which has been Divinely embedded within you. In all truthfulness, there was a time when I felt far more comfortable burying my head in the sand, than facing the joys of necessary change. I AM confident that there have been times in your own life where you felt overwhelmed by the changes you could see on the horizon of life.

Today, right now, we will introduce a format so powerful that you will forever embrace change. This format is capable of dragging Fragments Into Wholeness, while bringing Anxiety Into Peace of Mind, Body, & Soul. Today, you walk away enlightened by the simplicity of an energy exchange format, powerful enough to dispel the discomfort associated with change. You may even learn to prefer radiant change, as you will soon understand that in this format, change, and rapid change at that, is highly desired in order to EXCHANGE your notion, idea, or thought, your Desire of Purpose, for transformation into its physical equivalence.

Let's GO!  -  Let's ExChange!!

In our posts last week we encountered the usefulness of combining Mental Energy + Physical Energy to create solutions. We also encountered the resultant synergy of the attraction between Mental and Physical energy for the benefit of attained survival.  Yet once again, we are reminded that our chosen Purpose is NOT 'attainment' of Desire; we are only interested in the 'Obtainment' of our unique and significant Desire of Purpose.

For many, the concept of  'Attain vs. Obtain' is new and unfamiliar. So let's clarify a few things...

The Change of Obtainment...

The 'Obtainment' of your unique and significant Desire of Purpose will require three Changes of thought -
  1. You must leap past the created energy of solution. A life spent in continuous solution is a life spent in the simple reaction of, NOW! NOW, is taxing; you will find no rest or comfort, or fun in, NOW. NOW elicits worry; worry wears you down, and ultimately mutes AMBITION. You must embrace Exchange in order to abandon the lifestyle of, NOW. Giving up the ways of yesterday, in exchange for a new opportunity.
  2. You must even move past the synergy of attained survival. A life spent in survival is a live spent below the threshold of your highest potential. Survival paints 'good enough' as the AMBITION of a lifetime. This is a falsehood to be avoided at all cost. You must Change out of this lifestyle because, good enough - isn't! Again, we are reminded that to BE, or to DO, or to GIVE more, you will be invited to become more.
  3. You must see the energy of Obtainment as a radiant energy of unlimited potential. This radiated energy must allow for the required elements to create the EXCHANGE of added value to Improve the Human Condition. The Change energy of  Obtainment must be: an extraordinary energy, great enough to consistently overcome the restrictions of equilibrium, an energy sufficient to deliver added value through a lifetime of delivered giving.

Highest Human Potential Framework...

Yes, the Give of Divine Purpose, the transformation of your Desire of Purpose into physical equivalence for the Improvement of the Human Condition, will require an equally dramatic energy combination. Here we come to understand that the Obtainment of Divine Purpose generates its own unique framework. We label this radiant energy as the Highest Human Potential Framework.

In this framework is created the radiated synergy to sustain life in balance, while suspended in a state of dynamic equilibrium. This dynamic equilibrium required to obtain Highest Human Potential CANNOT be achieved through the instability of a simple two part energy system (Mental Energy + Physical Energy).


Indeed, at some point in life, we all will encounter some catastrophe of circumstance which cannot be resolved or comprehended through the application of Mental Energy alone, or Physical Energy alone, or Mental and Physical Energies in combination. What then? Despair, Despondency, Depression, Self-Destruction?

Recognize here that, what you are asking for is, a renewable energy source, held internally, which is capable of enduring a lifetime of pursuit! An energy capable of self generation to endure a lifetime of self induced Change. A self-sustaining energy capable of guidance through every Catastrophe of Circumstance, Cycle of Rejection, Rebound, Restart, ... Impossible, you say?!?

I say, Not Impossible!

I say, it is your OneGR8Life and I hereby invite you to Dream it, Create it, Live it! In this OneGR8Life of yours, all notions, ideas or thoughts are possible to transition into physical equivalence, all in EXCHANGE for a combined equal burst of energy.

So, here you go... Radiant Energy:
Mental Energy combined with Physical Energy,
sustained through Spiritual Energy.  

The format looks like this…



Radiant Energy

Seriously. You didn't think the Universe was going to bring you this far and then abandon you in the desert without water... Did you?  Come on! I’ll say it one more time - The Universe NEEDS the purpose within you! That Divine Purpose implanted within you, it MUST BE transitioned from a notion, idea or thought, into its physical equivalence. And, You MUST accept the responsibility to transition it!

You Obtaining your Highest Human Potential is critical to the Universe. The Improvement of the Human Condition cannot be completed without your delivery of Purpose.

Now that we have reinforced the Necessity of your delivered Purpose; does it surprise you that such an incredibly powerful combination of energy has been made available for your use? So critical is the delivery of your embedded purpose that the Universe has delivered to you this blended energy model, and reserved it for Human Use, Only. We are talking about; unlimited imagination in combination with endless physical strength reinforced through unequaled intelligence. I know... it is almost incomprehensible; isn't it...

Initiated through Ambition, the dynamic of this radiant energy allows for the Obtainment of ANY formulation and configuration of Desire! Suddenly, it should appear evident that from this radiant energy source comes the capacity needed to BE, or to DO, or to GIVE Anything that you Desire.

Renewable, Self-Generating, Self-Sustaining...

From this radiant formulation, suddenly there is no unsolvable or unobtainable Purpose. Your Desire of Purpose must then flow outward from within because these energies are already self contained. You already contain some level of Mental capacity; you are already capable of formulation of notions, ideas, or thoughts. You already contain some level of Physical capacity; the level of entry here is almost non-existent; breath and a pulse and your in! Really? YES!!  You ARE invited regardless of size, or shape, or dexterity of capacity. Contained within you is the Spiritual comprehension of Universal Intelligence and Infinite Love. The discovery, exchange and delivery of your Highest Human Potential knows not race, or creed, or age, or socioeconomic status, or privilege of education, or gender, or preference. From this understanding comes truth; Obtainment of Highest Human Potential is an inside job. You already hold the master key to transition your Divine Purpose into its physical equivalent! That's right, If you are unhappy or discontent within your current circumstance, You are invited to simply, Chose an alternate path, conjure a unique blend of Radiant Energy and Exchange it! That simple!

But what if… NO! there is no what if. You are simply responsible for the things that You choose to do, and the the things that you Choose not to do… Destination and Direction. Upon this choice you then Create a personal blend of radiant energy.

But HOW do I know that I’m making the right choice? You have read it before but, it is worth reading again... this time as you read it, take a deep breathe, be still; stop the the noise which surrounds you, let these words ignite your flame of Obtainment -

"If I can See the opportunity of
my Desired Purpose,
then I can See the path leading to
the delivery of this Desire of Purpose.
- I know this to be true; for,
I can only See that
which I already know.

As I become more,
I AM able to See More.
As I See More.
I AM able to BE, or DO, or GIVE more."

That's right - you are standing today, in your current circumstance, based on your current knowledge, experience, and your ability to combine and EXCHANGE energy. This self-knowledge and experience is all that is required to See your opportunity of Desired Purpose. With each word read, with each conjured thought, with each act taken in faith, you become infinitely closer to the discovery and delivery of your Desire of Purpose; find Rejoice in this incredibly empowering fact! As you grow to increase your knowledge (mental energy) and increase experience (physical energy), you increase your capacity to become more (spiritual energy). Through this radiant trilogy of energy you are able to EXCHANGE for the capacity to deliver more.

Through the application of the Highest Human Potential framework, Obtainment of your Divine Purpose is reduced to the continued Change and configuration of the energies. Your notion, idea or thought of configuration is NOT dependent on outside influences. The choice of when and HOW to configure, roots from within. External sources of influence only provide stimulation of the notion, idea or thought that a new configuration is necessary. Internally, reside the sources of Inspiration and Motive, but the choice of energy configuration is yours and yours alone. Your Highest Human Potential framework is dynamic and possesses the capability to support ANY desire of required direction, distance, magnitude or time.

SE+ME(PE)2=HHP Format.png

Through the addition of Spiritual energy comes confidence; in the form of hope and faith backed by infinite intelligence. Remember, that the Obtainment of Your Highest Human Potential is work performed in the vein of Divine Purpose. This Purpose has been embedded within you from conception. Your Highest Human Potential is to uncover and deliver this embedded purpose, this is your unique value added contribution; Your Dream, Your Creation, YourOneGR8Life. The discovery and delivery of your Purpose is significant for the Improvement of the greater Human Condition and the Universe, looking to complete its puzzle, is depending on you to Radiate from within to deliver your piece of the puzzle!

---      ---      ---

Mindful Moments (Thoughts for you to Take Away):  

Obtainment of my Highest Human Potential ~ I CAN Exchange to do that! The EXCHANGE of energy guides the Universe. Operating in equilibrium, the Universe demands that the energy of every Action must have it's equal, yet opposite reaction. Thus, for me to Dream, Create and Live my OneGR8Life, for me to deliver my Divine Purpose for the Improvement of the Human Condition, I most fuse together the components of Mental Energy, Physical Energy and Spiritual Energy and EXCHANGE them, as I radiate from within my Highest Human Potential.

Up NEXT,  - WHAT are, if any, the hidden benefits of adopting the Highest Human Potential Framework?

---      ---      ---

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