Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The WHO within Knows... The Values of Faith and Love

Last week we Nurtured our Ambition, an activity rooted to resolve both Destination and DirectionThe challenge of Destination and Direction is to Dream, Create and Live your Desire of Purpose. This task of released Potential, is life altering. And, is essential to the self-value associated with the engagement of self-sustained joy and happiness. 
Should we come to believe that Destination and Direction are divinely inherent in each life, then each of us landed on earth encoded to deliver our own 'ends'... This begs the question ~ HOW can you be so sure about this?
This is a fair question. The answer roots itself in two very powerful values... Faith and Love.
The WHO within Knows...
First, Faith. Embedded within each of us is the necessity to discover and deliver our Highest Potential in the form of Divine Purpose. Certainly, you must have wondered, or felt at some time in your past, that your life must have some purpose; that there must be some specific purpose for your time on earth. Rest in Faith, rest assured, your life Does Have purpose and that life purpose is valuable and irreplaceable. Faith in the fact that all life has purpose, allows you to hear Purpose from within as a Universal cry for help; to act in courage to uncover, develop and deliver that purpose. From within, your delivery of purpose sees not - Age, or Gender, or Race, or Color, or Preference, or Dogma or Creed. These factors, simply, in combination, play a role in your transformation of a Notion, Idea or Thought - into it's Physical Equivalence.

Second, Love. The greatest state of existence for all life, is Love. This being the case, it is unthinkable that the source of Universal love would commission you to a journey on earth, complete with Desire of Purpose; and then fail to provide you with every last detail necessary for you to Dream, Create and Live that Purpose. Please, do not confuse this as a statement of entitlement. Instead, see it as a statement of challenge and as an opportunity to pursue the release of great Ambitions.

The challenge is to Dream, Create and Live your Desire of Purpose. The Ambitious opportunity is to Beat the Clock - to not physically expire from life on earth without discovery and completion; without the delivery of your Purpose.

"Leap in Faith. - Rise to
Transform your Greatness in Love."
~Phillip A. Lopez

Along the pursuit of Joy and Happiness, you are encouraged to abandon 'looking for easy', and invited to embrace 'becoming better'. 

So what do you hear from within, as you ask... How Can I Serve?

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