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In Courage and Confidence... The Victor of Fear


Taking a quick peek at your Map to Obtainment, you recognize that in order to complete what we have started we must initiate the AFFIRMATION Series; in this light, this post will serve to close-out the EXCHANGE series...

Before we conclude, I'd like to Thank-You all for your feedback, questions, inquiries and continued readership. As I have mentioned in the past the OneGR8Life Desire of Purpose is to simply Improve the Human Condition - Specifically, Yours. As always, I AM Grateful for the opportunity to share in the Dream and Creation of Your One Great Life. As we initiate a new series, I can only express my deepest gratitude for allowing me the opportunity to share in the Living of your OneGR8Life. It has taken the history of mankind for this format to reveal itself in this age of global technology. This can be NO Accident or a Random act of Circumstance. This format is meant for your benefit, for the benefit of your survival and to assure the delivery of your embedded purpose. I invite you to apply the pieces that have already been revealed to you. Each step has been laid-out, allowing you to move forward in confidence; rest assured the format will not fail you and I have only ambition to engage with you.

So let's finish the EXCHANGE series...

The Upside...

In the EXCHANGE Series, we have spent the past several post,
1) Energizing the Dream of your OneGR8Life, in the form of Desire of Purpose, into its physical equivalence. If you need to review, here are 4 links to illuminating post... EXCHANGE: The Journey To Transition Your Desires,  Energies in Pursuit of Obtainment,  RADIANT ENERGY: Renewable / Self-Generating / Self-Sustaining., RADIANT ENERGY: Features and Benefits.
2) Flowing the Energy for the Creation of your OneGR8Life in the form of the transformation of your Desire of Purpose, into its physical equivalence. If you need to review, here are the links to 4 helpful post... Becoming / Initiate Your Declaration of Purpose!, Moving Desires from the Inside-to-the-Outside,  Impassable; The Uninitiated Need Not Apply..., Transitions; One Starting Point, To Your Higher Potential..

All of this gained knowledge comes at a price... Oh, I don't mean that you suddenly owe me something. All I AM saying is, in order to maintain equilibrium at the Universal level, where much has been given, much is expected in return. It is this delivery in return that adds extra strain on you to Deliver your Purpose. Think of it this way... Your internal cry for the discovery of Purpose has gained you the OneGR8Life knowledge and has attracted to you, the form of the OneGR8Life format. I remind you that, there are no random acts within the universe in which we live; in the Ambition to discover and deliver your Desire of Purpose, you must have asked for a path of direction in order to attract this bulk of knowledge, labelled OneGR8Life. This gained knowledge must now be utilized in the Obtainment of your Highest Human Potential. Today you have been ordained capable of Dreaming and Creating your OneGR8Life. Today, you have enough HOW?!? knowledge to initiate the Living of your OneGR8Life.

Only one question of uncertainty remains... FEAR!

Once and for all let's put FEAR into it's place. Let's get through this together, shall we?

"Abundance bookends YourOneGR8Life;
from your first birthing moment, until...
Go then, with Courage and Confidence,
in the Direction of Your Dreams.
Create and Live the Life
You Have Imagined."
                                 ~Phillip A. Lopez

Erased is the old, We must FEARLESSLY embrace the new…
Just this past week I ran into a hand full of people with the opportunity of standing toe-to-toe in confrontation with FEAR. Monday, a college aged follower ran into a relationship break-up of the infidelity kind. Riddled with questions of HOW could she do this to me... he now faces the fear of the unknown emotional recovery. Tuesday, a mid-life'r, found himself under the knife of hip replacement. As a solo-preneur, he faces the uncertainty of a speedy and complete recovery, while laboring to minimize the impact of missed opportunity. Wednesday, a professional associate of mine ran into the very sudden lose of his father. Suddenly hurled into the role of family patriarch, facing the loss of his role model of guidance. Recently, I celebrated the employment retirement of my oldest brother. Suddenly, he ventures to dare, to dream, create and live without a 30year long, daily tradition.

The Victor of Fear...
I AM confident that you too can recall life altering changes which have occurred close to your base camp. Life is a constant transition of energy, and with each new breathe we replace what was, with what is, in the light of what Can BE. Life is no different for me, than it is for you. In the face of FEAR, I repeat to myself this odd saying ... Life causes Death, I AM choosing to Live this OneGR8Life, because I have been granted an ABUNDANCE of all good things needed to deliver it in greatness!

This odd saying is known as an Affirmation. In the moment of holding a thought of Affirmation, there is No FEAR. We know this to be true, based upon the dynamic of brain thought operating in a serial nature, one thought, single file, first in - first out, working in combination with subconscious thoughts, attempting to transform your notion into a physical equivalence. Your mind is your greatest asset in the delivery of your Desire of Purpose.

An attitude of Ambition,
assures your Altitude of delivery.

Simply stated, you CAN train your mind to hold any thought that You desire. Thoughts of opulence, deliver a life of opulence. Thoughts of doom and despair, can only yield the same. In this way, you understand that it is your OneGR8Life, that you Can BE, DO or GIVE, any notion, idea, or thought, that you are willing to hold as Your Affirmation of Faith!

Your Affirmation is a statement of truth, based on your Desire of Purpose; a Simple and Empowering choice initiated in I AM - Never failing, it is your FEAR buster.  To get you started, You can steal mine and call it your own, if you'd like...

And so together, we initiate the AFFIRMATION Series.

"A thought of Obtainment,
initiated by 'I AM',
held in the Affirmation of Faith,
is acted upon immediately by the subconscious mind,
towards its transformation into physical equivalence."
                                                ~Phillip A. Lopez

---      ---      ---

Mindful Moments (Thoughts for you to take away…)

Only through an Affirmation initiated with I AM do I find sufficient fortitude to stand toe-to-toe in face of fear and overcome as the victor. In the Affirmation Series I will learn to recognize, and maximize, imagined Affirmation as the victor of fear!!

An Affirmation, initiated with I AM, held in faith, is acted upon Immediately by the subconscious mind towards the transformation of the held notion, idea or thought into physical equivalence. The Dream, The Creation, The Life, initiated through an affirmation of I AM shall overcome FEAR through the actions of EXCHANGE, guided by the Carriers of Transformation.

Do you have a go-to thought of Affirmation? Over the next couple of days begin to recognize the times you catch your mind drifting into thoughts of 'can't'. The Can't card of Fear, trumps the Ambition card of I AM. Yes, it is time to dis-card, Can't. Time to draw the 'I AM' card. Your victory over fear is but one thought away.

AFFIRM; The Fifth Series of Obtainment. (Reference your Map). The Affirm series will begin August 18th. AFFIRM moves us beyond the Dream it phase, and beyond the Create it phase; we now enter into the Live it phase. In the posts ahead we will focus on the tools necessary to direct our Radiant Energy into our Desire of Purpose; here you will find the tools of transformation into physical equivalence.

Between then and now, we will work on discovering your Desire of Purpose. To do so, I will send to you a few bursts of energy to help boost YourOneGR8Life. 

Again, Thank You!

---      ---      ---

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Dedicated to Improving the Human Condition - Specifically, Yours!

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