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Moving Desires from the Inside-to-the-Outside


I AM convinced that the significance of adopting the OneGR8Life approach lies in the simplicity of the delivered message. There can be no denying the simple fact that it is YourOneGR8Life. Enveloped in your OneGR8Life is your Desire of Purpose, this is the Dream you are looking to Create and Live. My responsibility to you is, to empower the Ambition which lies within you, to deliver to you content developed in simplicity, supported through the natural laws of physics and meta-physics. The OneGR8Life approach is all about YOU and you understanding HOW TO use these natural laws to release the unique greatness that has been Divinely embedded within you, for the sake of Improving the Human Condition. It is YourOneGR8Life and, You can Be, or Do, or Give anything that you Desire.

Today, we conclude with the final EXCHANGE installment. We close with tying all the pieces together... a dialogue of moving your Desire of Purpose from the Inside, as a notion, idea or thought, to the Outside, as their physical equivalent. To accomplish this transformation of a notion, we incorporate our previous discussions surrounding Radiant Energy, Divine Purpose, Obtainment, the Utilization of the Carriers of Transformation.

Let's not waste and time, today - Let's get started.  

Connecting the Carriers of Transformation...

You initiate the Connectivity of Mental, Physical and Spiritual Energies by resorting back to your definition of Obtainment.

Obtainment Defined...

"The External Radiation from within
of Highest Human Potential; The fulfillment Ambition
of Divine Purpose: The utilization of internal virtues
for the transformation of a notion, idea or thought,
to a Desire to BE, DO, or GIVE,
into its Physical Equivalence."

This may be the single most differentiating point of this entire saga... The difference between Attainment and Obtainment; where Attain, is to Touch. And, where Obtain, is to Hold. To attain, touch, would then reduce your Desire of Purpose to a single occurring act; once and done. To obtain, hold, would require the discovery and delivery of an internal fulfillment, this then increases your Desire of Purpose to becoming a recurring act; bookended by birth on one side and death on the other side.

In the simplest format of understanding let's break this down as it relates to your ambitions of Desired Purpose. In other words... HOW?!? do I use this format to turn my dreams into the reality of their physical equivalence.

  • The External Radiation from within: In the opening few words of our definition of Obtainment we recognize the Energy Flow of Transformation; from inside-to-the-outside! Your Desire of Purpose is found as you connect with your internal resources on Mental, Physical and Spiritual energy. You fuse these three circles of energy together to create your own personal brand of Radiant Energy. There is no wrong creation here. This personal brand of energy is based on whatever you have today, within you. It simply comprises of the energy that you start the day with. Yes, it is perfectly allowable to restructure this energy on a daily basis, quite often on a moment's notice, depending on the real-time growth, or feedback, you experience as you pursue your 'fulfillment Ambition', aka, the transformation of your unique Desire of Purpose into its physical equivalent.   
  • The Fulfillment Ambition of Divine Purpose: Each Human life has been embedded with Purpose. You have purpose within you, in the form of an Notion, Idea or Thought. You are invited to Dream, Create and Live this Purpose as the delivery of your Highest Human Potential. Each and every day you are increasing your Mental, Physical and Spiritual Growth, this continued growth feeds your Ambition - so grow comfortable with the fact that your energy is changing constantly. Learn to change with it!
  • The Utilization of Internal Virtues for the Transformation of a notion, idea or thought, a Desire to BE, DO or GIVE into physical equivalence: Obtainment of your Desire of Purpose is a continuum, not a destination. The journey of Obtainment requires that you adhere to self-growth, you know -human development. In this scope, you must Exchange becoming more for the privilege of Being, Doing or Giving More.

You conclude the Transformation of Desire of Purpose by recalling the Value Proposition promised though your pursuit of Obtainment.

"Through affirmation, Desire of Purpose
is Infinitely supported to Achievement,
by Intention and Motive,
in EXCHANGE for the discovered capacity to
overcome restraint while in pursuit of
Improvement to the Human Condition."

Your thoughts of affirmation will always be proportional to the ambition required to transform your Desire of Purpose. In this way ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. Low level of ambitious desire, require low levels of thought affirmation. High level of ambitious desire, require high levels of thought affirmation. Ex. - Obtain a lifestyle modeled in mediocrity; low level of ambition, may not require any thought affirmation, just follow the bloke in front of you. Obtain a lifestyle in pursuit of the ambitious desire to find a cure treatment for dementia, you better load both barrels with the highest level of thought affirmation, as you go on the hunt of this Desired Purpose… You CAN BE, or DO, or GIVE Anything that you Desire. Just simply recall along the way; that to BE, or to DO, or to GIVE More… You WILL be called upon to Become More.
Utilizing the Carriers of Transformation...
You are further along here, than you ever imagined. If you have been a regular reader of this blog you are about to be rewarded for your dedication. If you are newer to the readership of this blog, you are about to get a crash-course in Obtainment of your Highest Human Potential.
Recall the diagram attached. You will recognize this from a previous post as our Layered Nature of Divine Purpose. You should readily recognize the Carriers of Transformation  namely, WHO, and WHAT, and WHY and WHY NOT.

At the core of Divine Purpose we find AMBITION of Desire of Purpose, in the form of a Notion, Idea or Thought. I have taken the liberty to assign -Obtainment of Highest Human Potential as our Desire of Purpose. You are free to substitute your embedded Desire of Purpose as you see fit.

Let's start moving our energy from the Inside-to-the-Outside.

The Carriers of  EXCHANGE and Transformation...
The first inner circle... WHO. To Be, or Do, or Give more, you must become more. In order to transform your Desire of Purpose you must choose your WHO virtues. These virtues are six (6) character traits that you currently do not fully command. You will need to adopt these virtues and EXCHANGE them for the person that you are today, for the person that you need to become in order to transform your Desire of Purpose. HOW?!? do I know this to be true? Because, if no exchanges were necessary for you to Obtain your Highest Human Potential, to transform your Desire of Purpose into its physical equivalence, there would be no need for you to seek obtainment; you would already be in possession of your desire.

“If no transitions were necessary
for you to live your OneGR8Life,
you'd already be there!”
~Phillip A. Lopez

I do not proclaim this as a statement of belittlement. It is meant, to be a statement made amply strong to jolt you into action. I suggest that you start with the OneGR8Life SYNC Exercise... Not to worry, it's free!

The second circle... WHAT.  WHAT do you want to BE, DO or GIVE? Your choice - It can be Anything. A simple selection of Desire is all that is required to initiate transformation. Purpose in the form of Universal need resides within, you recognize Universal need as a Notion, Idea, or Thought for the Improvement of the Human Condition.

Find yourself without an ambition of purpose? No problem… resolve this one single question; How Can I Serve to provide Improvement to the Human Condition? Rooted in the resolution of this single and profound question is your Deepest Desire. Dedicate your life to the delivery of the answer found here and you will be rewarded with riches beyond your comprehension.

The third circle... WHY.  WHY expands to include both Motive and Inspiration. The pursuit of your Desire of Purpose is spurred by some Motive. This Motive is at the heart of your being. Within you, you are willing to lay it all on the line for a Motive. You had better identify it immediately, before you get started.  This Motive is your Beacon of light in the fog of hazy thoughts. You have Four choices of Motive to select from... Family, Income, Health (of Mind, Body or Spirit) and Financial Worth. You are about to EXCHANGE this Motive for the delivery of your Desire of Purpose.

Fourth circle... WHY, expanded.  Motive alone is insufficient to overcome the anxieties associated with undercurrent of self-limitation. Only in combination with Inspiration does Motive find enough reinforcement to endure the greatest obstacle of transformation... Fear. Fortunately for you, you are not limited to a single ally of Inspiration which you may require to conquer your hidden fear. Only selected Motive(s) and Inspiration(s) are sufficient to overcome all restraints. Find your allies of Inspiration in the form of -Love, Sex, Material Wealth, Self-Preservation, Personal Expression and Recognition, Perpetuation of Life after Death, Freedom of Mind and Body and yes, even Revenge. Choose as many as are required; stockpile you army of Inspiration... It is your OneGR8Life and it is time for you to Create It!

In the fifth circle... WHY NOT. Here is what you've been hiding from -Your inner FEAR; your anxieties of self-limitation. NEVER underestimate the power and cunning nature of your inner fear. Make particular note of the fact that the positioning and structure of WHY NOT serves to encapsulate the previous Carriers of Transformation. Understand this, So powerful is fear that it needs no ally; a single element of fear is more than sufficient to suppress ALL Desire. This inner Fear continuously over shadows your past.  But, your OneGR8Life is different; Today AMBITION wins!! Today you identify WHY NOT; Today you lay to rest your WHY NOT. Today, WHO, and WHAT, and WHY are connected as the Carriers of Transformation. The energy created through these carriers of transformation, the alliance of WHO, and WHAT, and WHY are sufficient enough to EXCHANGE; to overcome FEAR in any form. Today you confirm your inner belief that it is your OneGR8Life. Today, from Inside-to-the-Outside you combine WHO you are, WHAT you want, and WHY you want it.  With this combination of this harnessed energy you dissolve fear to nothing more than an obstacle of exchange in the delivery of your Highest Human Potential.  So which obstacle shall your fear appear as - which obstacle shall you Overcome... the Loss of Someone, Criticism, Old Age, Poverty of Self-Limitation, Death/Dying, or Ill Health.

Ultimately, the Carriers of Exchange and Transformation of Divine Purpose look like this...

Core -AMBITION of Divine Purpose, The Obtainment of your Highest Human Potential. The transformation of your Desire of Purpose into physical equivalence.

WHO - The required Six Character Virtues of Personal Transformation.

WHAT - How Can I Serve?; a Universal need in the form of a Desire to BE, to DO, or, to GIVE, for the sake of Improvement of the Human Condition.

WHY - The Alliance of Motive and Inspiration. Sufficient Energy to overcome all restraints.

WHY NOT - Your Inner Fear; Reduced to Nothing more than an Obstacle of EXCHANGE in the transformation of your Highest Human Potential.

---      ---      ---

Mindful Moments (Thoughts for you to Take Away):
I made it! Finally, HOW?!? has been revealed to me - the Carriers of Transformation; WHO before, WHAT, WHY and WHY NOT. I finally, GET IT! Within me is the Mental, Physical and Spiritual Energy to transform my Desire of Purpose into its physical equivalence. All along the Energy Flow of Transformation has been from the Inside-to-the-Outside. Only through the combined energy found in the Carriers of Transformation am I able to EXCHANGE for the capacity to overcome all restraints. It is my OneGR8Life... I AM invited to BE, or DO, or GIVE, Anything that I Desire!

Up Next…
ROAD TRIP!!!!  This is pretty amazing stuff and I am confident that you would appreciate a test drive. So Let's, Do It! FINALLY, you get to take your first complete look at HOW?!?

---      ---      ---

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