Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Transitions; One Starting Point, To Your Higher Potential.

This Week, Let's Start Right Here;    with the Greatest Transition ever... The Independence of a Nation.

Then we will move back into #YourOneGR8Life and, formulate your own Declaration of Independence...

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Carriers of EXCHANGE and Transition of Divine Purpose...
In the Transition of Desire of Purpose, the final Carriers of Transformation are Identified as WHY. Upon closer examination, we are able to divide WHY into the components of Inspiration and Motive.
So is there a point when the Transition of a Desire, in the form of a notion, idea, or thought initiates into it's physical equivalence? And if, yes, Can you, please, isolate that point?

The answer is, YES, there is a point when the Transition of a Desire, in the form of a notion, idea, or thought initiates into it's physical equivalence.
And, I will gladly isolate it for you!
"The point at which the Transition of a Desire,
in the form of a notion, idea, or thought
initiates into it's physical equivalence is,
when you take your first ACTION
towards its fulfillment." 

It is at this precise point in time that you move from Dream it, to Create it! If you take No ACTION... the Dream, remains just a Dream. This response should not come as a disappointment to you. We have dedicated many words to amplify the notion of BECOMING. There is no short cut to be found, here! Plain and Simple... To BE, or to DO, or to GIVE More, you MUST initiate the Actions to Become More. 

That is all there is to it; One Fundamental of Releasing your Highest Potential; Take Action to Create the Reality of your Dream.

It is critical for you to recognize that the prescribed Action is an ACTION of EXCHANGE. You must Exchange; leaving behind who you are today, for the core values you have chosen, which lead you to who you need to become in order to transition your Desire of Purpose into its physical equivalence.

"If no transitions were required
for you to live YourOneGR8Life
You'd already be there!"

Phil, You say I must act in exchange... Is there a way to know HOW much action I will need to take?

YES! Visualize that every Action taken in Exchange, exerts some energy. Then, the Total energy exerted through your Action of Exchange MUST BE Greater Than the energy of restraint imposed through your thoughts of self-limitation, disguised as your Inner Fear. The Greater is your thought of self-limitation, the greater is the energy required to brake lose of its snare. Your energy to overcome will expose itself in the form of WHY.. aka. your sources of Inspiration and Motive
Examine the included diagram. The outer ring, represents self-imposed restraint The two inner rings represent the sources of Inspiration and Motive. Every ACTION, we all take is rooted within this combination of sources. Your opportunity here is to select as many sources of Inspiration and Motive as YOU see fit to overcome your identified self-limitation.
Your Inspiration choices...

  • Income
  • Family
  • Financial Wealth
  • Health (Mental/Emotional, Physical, Spiritual
Your Motive choices...
  • Love
  • Sex
  • Material Wealth
  • Self-Preservation
  • Perpetuation of Life after Death
  • Freedom of Mind and Body
  • Personal Expression and Recognition
  • Revenge
You grab as many of these as You see fit to overcome your thoughts of self-limitation. The greater is your thought of self-limitation, the more of these you will need. There is NO Shame in feeling that you might need all of these! It is Your OneGR8Life - You are hereby Invited to Dream it and Create it! ---      ---      ---
NEXT-UP: Formulating your Inspiration and Motive into the Action of EXCHANGE.

TAKE AWAY THOUGHTS / YOUR CALL TO ACTION: It is time for me to Go the extra-mile, to grab my journal and begin to formulate my Desire of Purpose in terms of Inspiration and Motive.  I AM beginning to feel the necessary, equivalent Action to be taken in Exchange for the transition of my Desire of Purpose. This is, Good! I must Write it Down!  I want to Capture this moment into written words; In living my OneGR8Life, I DO NOT solely rely on my mental capacity to remember the feeling of this moment. Only through written words will I be able to come back to this moment of self-transformation... It is happening - I AM Dreaming and Creating my OneGR8Life!
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