Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Impassable; The Uninitiated Need Not Apply...

Imagine this...

You are walking along the Path of Obtainment, suddenly the trail comes to an abrupt end. Before you is an enormous canyon. A canyon so enormous, that for a moment you believe the canyon is impassable. You take a small step back from the edge, suddenly you gaze across the canyon and there sits perfectly transformed, the physical equivalence of your Desire of Purpose. That's right, standing back, you realize that the canyon is the only thing that stands between you and the transformation of your Desire of Purpose.  

The Transformation of your Desire of Purpose...
HOW?!? do you get there; HOW?!? do you cross the impassable canyon?

Like you, I have found myself asking this very same question many times through-out my life. In all truthfulness, I AM at this point right now. Don't let me fool you, Dreaming, Creating and Living my Desire of Purpose, transforming OneGR8Life.com into it's physical equivalence for the Improvement of the Human Condition, is a Huge Undertaking. Just to make it really exciting, I cut a deal with the source of Universal Intelligence. The deal is to bootstrap OneGR8Life.com into existence. That's right, bootstrap, there can be no withdrawal from personal savings or cash reserve in order to get this done. Why would I do this? I'd do this for you! Sure, I could buy my way into your life, as many before me have done. But, in my mind, that would not increase your belief in the concepts and practices that differentiate OneGR8Life.com from any other model, program, or product available.  Besides, a majority of you will find yourself in exactly this same circumstance... holding a great notion, idea, or thought, that is worthy of transformation into physical equivalence, yet, you are limited in time and budget. Am I wrong? No, I don't think so. You and I share more in common, than we share in difference. So, crossing the impassable canyon is absolutely no different for me than it is for you. Well, maybe just a little, I've had a few more years to practice.

Regardless, of your individual perception of the size or complexity of your Desire of Purpose, you get through its transformation the very same way... time-after-time. It is exactly for this reason, that the Energy Flow of Transformation must travel from Within-Outward. The transformation of your Desire of Purpose into its physical equivalence occurs in this EXCHANGE; You link together, from within, the Energy available through the Carriers of Transformation to overcome your inner fear. Transformed you have Become; from here forward you will initiate the Obtainment of your Desire of Purpose from within-outward.

A Simplistic EXAMPLE...
Allow me the opportunity to introduce you to my wife, Janice. We meet pretty early in life; I was walking aimlessly - not yet committed to a collegiate pursuit. Janice was just finishing High School as an accomplished swimmer. We dated for seven years before we married, no sense in rushing a good thing. We were happy being with each other and knew marriage would just happen. We have remained married since October 27th, 1984 - you do the math.

We have been flush and we have been broke. We have both engaged in careers as employed and self-employed. For shits and grins, in 1991, we pulled up stake and moved to Bozeman, MT.  Just the two of us... knowing no one... Leaving a life of comfort and ease, physically separating from family and friends, with a couple thousand dollars in our pockets.

Janice answered a newspaper add which was looking for a swim coach in town. It paid, just under $1,000/month. I had no job prospects. As a matter of fact, it took me just over one year to create an opportunity of sustainable income. Thanks, to a very generous couple from Minneapolis, MN., through whom, we attracted to ourselves just enough income to keep a roof over our head, the lights on, and food on the table. We survived our 10-year Bozeman experience touching the lives of hundreds. In exchange for the lessons learned we left a wake of successful, Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Business Owners, Real Estate Agents, Sales Professionals, Moms, Dads; for ever influencing the lives and direction of contribution for this Rocky Mountain town and region. Not to say that it was all roses and apple pie... like the transition of any project, times were tough. For the first three years, all we could afford was a $5.00 wood permit to harvest enough firewood to keep the wood burner going through the winter.

This period of time unfolded to me AMBITION, the Necessity of Purpose, as the starting point of the OneGR8Life concept. The study of HOW?!?

The OneGR8Life format has gone through many renditions, based in trial and error. Through its practice and application it has started ventures, it has increased sales and revenue, it has created calm and internal peace of mind, it has provided personal improvement and human development and has been used as the basis for transformation to corporate culture. I AM confident that with just a little Ambition on your part, you can learn to use it to transform your Desire of Purpose into its physical equivalence.

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Mindful Moments (Thoughts for you to Take Away):  
In my Ambition to transform my notion, idea or thought, into its physical equivalence, I have attracted to myself a resource of incredible opportunity. This resource has been proven and is repeatable for the transformation of Purpose. I will learn to use this tool, for the the delivery of my Desire of Purpose and the  Improvement of the Human Condition.

Up Next…  
We launch on to the next stepping on our Map to Obtainment… AFFIRM.  Hope that you will join me as we piece together the action plans for the transformation of your Desire of Purpose.

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