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Becoming / Initiate Your Declaration of Purpose!

The Paradox of the Uninitiated...

“When Greatness calls, and it WILL call,
are you prepared to pick-up the call, or are
you frightfully letting it roll into your voicemail.”

Here's a hint: Greatness is an Auto-Dialer, it leaves no voicemail and when you don't answer; it moves on, to auto dial the next live body in the queue.

Correct Answer: When Greatness calls, ready or not, with or without make-up, shaved or unshaven, ~ I Will Courageously Answer the call!!

Turning Points…

On your path of Becoming, you come across some very specific turning points. Of primary significance are the turning points labeled, Exchange, Declaration, and Intention. To your benefit, we have spent the past several post dissecting Exchange. Now, before we can move forward to understanding the Energy Flow of Transformation, you must secure your Desire of Purpose with Declaration. Why Declaration? Because Declaration forces commitment. Because commitment ingrains Intention. Without Declaration, you are willing to travel as a tumbleweed across the windswept plains; latching on to the first obstacle of distraction which arises or worse yet, rolling aimlessly with the wrong crowd.  The choices of Declaration are extraordinarily  simple... You will find them printed below - Your task is to read them, and then, go ahead and pick-one.

  • I Declare to Take Action, to Create this OneGR8Life. I AM dedicated to the Obtainment of my Highest Human Potential; to the delivery of Desire of Purpose for the sake of Improvement of the Human Condition. Or,
  • I Declare to sustain my life in mediocrity. I AM dedicated to living day-to-day, void of purpose, adrift, hoping for the best.

You cannot run from your choice of Declaration... You are going to have to Pick one! The problem here is the choice of default. The default choice is to prolong making a choice. Even in this choice mode, the bindings of mediocrity are secured.

No, You cannot have it both ways - That's all there is to it! You are In! Or, You are Out!

If you choose to Not to Dream, Create and Life your OneGR8Life, that's OK. There are a multitude of excuses that you can fall back on in order to end your journey, today.  On your short journey-to-date, you have gathered some really exciting tools; you can utilize these tool in mediocrity and have a good life. Should you decide to reconsider your choice, you can always pick-up reading this blog right where you left off; just pick-up your Map and start again.

Choosing to Continue…

For those of you that are choosing to continue, for those of you who recognize the precious value and benefit of moving beyond living a good life, the time has come to transform your greatness and the greatness associated with the delivery of your Desire of Purpose.

Having chosen to Dream, Create, and Life YourOneGR8Life, the time has come to continue Becoming, to Create your place of Happiness, to Clear the Negativity, to Clear the thoughts of Self-Limitation!

So Let's GO...  Let's transform your one great life!!

You have come to understand that Divine Purpose resides at the intersection created through the Radiant Energy overlap of Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Energies. You have grown to appreciate the added value of AMBITION, toward the Obtainment of your Highest Human Potential. In your pursuit of the transformation of your Desire of Purpose, You have seen the Layered Nature of Divine Purpose. You have been introduced to the carriers of transformation namely; Who, and What, and Why, and Why Not.

Two things remain as unknowns:
  1. An understanding of the Energy Flow in the Obtainment of your Highest Human Potential.
  2. HOW?!? do you use Radiant Energy to transform a Desire of Purpose into its physical equivalence.

Through the next two blog posts You will come to recognize these two unknowns, as well as, understanding this layered configuration to be true, based on definition. Let’s start with the Energy Flow of Transformation.

Energy Flow of Transformation...

Upon gazing at the accompanying diagram, immediately recognize that the flow of required energy to insure Transformation, for ALL individuals, is from within-to-the-outside. That's right, to realize the transformation of your Desire of Purpose, to transform your notion, idea or thought into its physical equivalence, you must fuse Mental, Physical and Spiritual Energy from within you, and direct this energy through action taken in connection with the carriers of transformation.

NO, you say! The transformation of my Desire of Purpose must flow from the outside-inward...

There are two fundamental deficiencies with your outside-to-inward thinking...

  1. If this were true, then I, or your Mom / Dad, or your significant other, or any other being on the outside, would be responsible for the transformation of your Desire of Purpose, from the inside of you. Your kidding, right?  There is no one else crawling inside your mind, body or spirit. Inside You, there is just the essence of You and this soul of essence cries out to be released in greatness! At all time, it is you who remain responsible for the things that you chose to do, and the things that you chose not to do.
  2. If the energy flow of transformation was outside-to-inward, your starting point would be "WHY NOT". In this case, the first thing you would need to do in order to transform your Desire of Purpose into its physical equivalence, would be to make a list of all the restrictions of WHY you could NOT deliver your Desire of Purpose. Ooops, you say, as you recognize that outside-to-inward has been your normal energy flow. Ooops, you say, as you suddenly recognize that your outside-to-inward thinking has only been serving to create a perpetual stream of thoughts of Self-Limitation; Negative thoughts which only serve to SQUASH your Ambition. I GET IT, you say, as you realize that you must change the direction of your thoughts, in order to change your reality. Indeed, you say, as you self actualize the necessity to Clear the Negativity; to Clear the thoughts of Self-Limitation. WOW, you say, as the light of infinite intelligence shines upon you; If I first define my WHO virtues of transformation, WHAT and HOW must follow, as the night does the day.

“In our Belief Driven Universe,
if You change Your thoughts, You
influence the Destination of YourOneGR8Life.”
~ Phillip A. Lopez

From Within-to-the-Outside…

The transformation of Your Desire of Purpose into its physical equivalence, is your responsibility, and Yours alone. If you choose to leave the face of the earth, without the transformation of Your Desire of Purpose, that's on You! And, you alone!!

Let's get this straight: the transformation of your Desire of Purpose is NOT subject to location, or environment, or neighborhood, or condition of family, or economic stature, or conditioning of education, or privilege of community! The transformation of Your Desire of Purpose is subject solely on you and where you stand right now in relationship to your most recent Declaration. You know this to be true!

If the transformation of Desire of Purpose was based on the environment of the individual, then all persons within a given radius would be capable of transforming their Desire of Purpose. And, transformation of Desire of Purpose would wholly be a matter of neighborhood. And we see that people whose environments are practically the same, and live in the same neighborhoods, show all degrees of transformation, including the failure to transform a Desire of Purpose. Therefore, you know that the cause of transformation of Desire of Purpose must be WITHIN the individual... and nowhere else.

---      ---      ---

Mindful Moments (Thoughts for you to Take Away):
If, I choose not to transform my Desire of Purpose, it will not fall upon the community that I grew up in, or the family structure that I inherited, or the fact that the people before me were wronged, or shamed, or subjected to a social injustice. If I find myself in any of these groups or undesirable scenario, I accept this as a mere obstacle along the path of Becoming. I now recognize that, the Obtainment of my Highest Human Potential, the transformation of my Desire of Purpose, the transformation of my notion, idea or thought, into its physical equivalence remains in My Command! Within me, is where I will find the carriers of transformation unique to my circumstance; unique and significant enough to release the Greatness which I Hold within me.

Up Next…
Connecting your Declaration with the Carriers of Transformation. The transformation of Desire of Purpose, it really does flow from the inside-outward.

---      ---      --- ---      ---      ---

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