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We Live by Faith... An Affirmation of Greatness


"An Affirmation of Greatness,
Initiated by I AM, Held in Faith, is
acted upon Immediately by the Subconscious mind,
towards its transformation into physical equivalence."
                                    ~Phillip A. Lopez

~ I AM responsible to Dream, Create, and Live, my OneGR8Life.
~ I AM to receive an Abundance of All Good things, today and through all eternity.
~ I AM to Deliver the OneGR8Life message.
~ I AM to Improve of the Human Condition.

The opportunity for you in this book is to recognize that the connecting link of Faith and Love, envelopes each of us. Each, insured and encoded to deliver our own 'ends'. This Phenomenal which you venture to create, will be filled with High, Highs and Low, Lows. YES, there will be moments of contemplated despair. But, NEVER GIVE-UP!

In every moment, of every day, we find ourselves at the cross-road of Faith. Wrapped in Affirmations of Faith, it is Courage and Confidence which carry us miraculously over the cross-roads. Revealed in the moments of embodied Faith we come to learn that, it is true, we live by Faith or, we do not live at all; for we cannot know the end of anything, at its beginning. You are designed for Greatness, Affirmations of Faith lead you to it!

Here we will continue our journey of #CreatingPhenomenal, we will introduce a series of exercises to empower your unlimited capacities, while discovering the true God particle. Yes, there is a God particle - and when you combine Inspiration and Motive the resultant is a life of self sustaining Joy and Happiness.

So, if you have ever thought that You had so much more to offer, if, you could only figure out HOW?!? - this is the series of #CreatingPhenomenal that is just for You!

Before we start, let’s make sure that we are all on the same page by taking a quick look at our Map to Obtainment. We are making our way around the loop. We have just exited EXCHANGE.

Now, let’s recap just a bit to set a common starting point...

Held In Faith

Acts of Exchange - I AM...
We have advanced to the recognition that in order to transform a Desire of Purpose, into its physical equivalence, ACTION in EXCHANGE would be required!
" Every Action is Held in Exchange."

"Every act sends a message...
I AM responsible for my message!"
                               ~Phillip A. Lopez            

Here is our guiding thought to understand the significance of EXCHANGE: I AM to Act in EXCHANGE. I AM to Exchange who I AM today, for who I AM to become in order to be the holder of my Desire of Purpose... I AM to become more in order to BE, DO, or GIVE More.

Inspirations and Motives...
The ‘Reserved NO PARKING’ zone in the above Circle of Inspirations, represents your Desire of Purpose. Recall that Purpose establishes the foundation of Self-Discovery, of Self-Becoming. The pillars if Self-Becoming are found in the resolution of two questions of reflection and stillness, (1) How can I serve?  (2) How Good can I Stand it? Released in resolution is the invitation to move from the Inside-Out, to formulate, in very specific terms, your source of Inspiration.
If your source of Inspiration is Income, identify a specific amount. 'Enough to pay the bills" is NOT specific enough... How Good Can You Stand it? - You need to study and understand your circumstance; Add up the bills, create a sheet of monthly budgeted expenses, know specifically the required amount in the form of a number. Ask yourself WHY do I Desire this Income - Look at the Carriers of Transformation - Listen from within, which of the Inspirations speak to your Ambition of need - which of these sources of Inspiration elicits Action from within you. The same holds true for the any and all sources of Inspiration, be specific.
Holding a source of Inspiration as Family, requires you to list the names of your family members. If there is something in particular, for a specific family member, identify by name and paint a verbal picture of the particulars of the Ambitious need.
As you grow comfortable with your identification of Inspiration, begin to experiment with the addition of Motive.

Let's walk through this together -
Let’s use a source of Inspiration as Health... select your Health focal point; Mental/Emotional, Physical, Spiritual... Ok let’s go with, Physical -in the form of Losing Weight. Just Losing Weight is not specific enough; Alter your behavior of thought slightly. Like this, In EXCHANGE for losing 40lbs, I AM to reduce my intake to 1400 calories daily, I AM to follow the (Weight Watchers plan, the Jenny Craig model / you'll need a planned outline -Dream, Create your plan), balancing my intake of fruits and vegetables with no less than 8 cups of water daily. I AM inspired to make this Exchange as an expression of my Self-Preservation... as an expression of Love of Self and Family... in Revenge for that Bitch calling me a fatty…
Yes, Revenge can be a strong source of Inspired focus. I will forewarn you, continued action taken in the spirit of revenge WILL ultimately lead to the demise of all relationships. PLEASE, Use extreme care when utilizing Revenge as a source of Motive. Harboring revengeful thoughts, bleeds over to create an unwelcome cloud of suspicion towards others. This cloud of suspicion becomes obvious to others through your conversations; written, verbal, facial expression, body language. Snide remarks and sarcastic statements lead to isolation. Isolation blocks you from the richer enjoyment of Your OneGR8Life.

---      ---      ---

NEXT-UP: A Moment Initiated in Faith...

Mindful Moments (Thoughts to Take Away):
I AM - is the primary connector of the transformation of my Desire of Purpose into its physical equivalence. I AM holds my Ideas, Notions and Thoughts in a spirit of Faith. The Ambition of my Desire initiates from Within and moves-to-the-Outside. Utilizing the Carriers of Transformation I find the Inspiration and Motive that are necessary to elicit sufficient energy to overcome my inner restraints of fear and self-limitation. I AM to Affirmation my Ambition of Desire to BE, DO, or GIVE, Anything that I Desire. I AM to Deliver my Ambition of Desire for the sake of, Improvement of the Human Condition.

I AM at the point of Transition. Today I AM ready, willing, and able to verbally define my Desire of Purpose. In Exchange for the transformation of this Desire of Purpose, I AM going to investigate and uncover my source(s) of Inspiration and Motive. I AM going to Exchange my Source(s) of Inspiration and Motive to overcome my Inner Fear.

Spend the next week, isolating time to discover and record the four following key elements.
(1) Statement of Ambition / Desire of Purpose:

  • I AM, to BE, DO, or GIVE; ... (HOW Can I Serve? / HOW Good Can I Stand It?)

(2) I AM willing to exchange the following source(s) of Inspiration and Motive, in order to transform this Desire of Purpose into physical equivalence...

  • My Source(s) of Inspiration:
  • My Source(s) of Motive:

(3) I AM building from within, my source(s) of Inspiration and Motive is Greater than my Inner Fear...

  • My Direction of Inner Fear:

---      ---      ---

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