Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Highest Potential is Not about Perfection.

“The Simplicity of Becoming More
is reduced to the planned Accumulation
of Affirmed Acts,
each aimed at Being, or Doing or Giving More”
                                                         ~Phillip A. Lopez

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I selected this PIC because once again in my OneGR8Life, I find myself flying by the seat of my pants. I truly have to leave these next 4-5 chapters in God's hands…

What does all this mean for you?  Well, You see for the first time, publicly, I am about to reveal the tools and exercises that I have been using to lead and build organizations, to develop products and ideas, as well as building individuals of great character and accomplishment. Some of these exercises go back 30+yrs and have been accountable for transformations of great Desires of Purpose.

So, let’s see how this goes…

Potential, and Perfection…

There is a conversation we need to hold, before we get along too much further… A conversation about Highest Potential and Perfection. The most significant words in this entire post will be right here; Highest Potential is Not about Perfection. In fact, when your mind carries you to an internal conversation, in review of Achievements and Setbacks, You CANNOT use Perfection as a yardstick of validation. Your Highest Potential has no external validation. In YourOneGR8Life, Highest Potential is self-validating; there is no model of comparison. 

It is important to recognize the difference between self-validation and self-responsibility. In YourOneGR8Life, You are 100% responsible for the things that You choose to DO, and the things that You choose not to DO. There is no entitlement based on age, or race, or creed, or color, or privilege of community, or level of education. You start from where you stand, you empty your back-pack of past history and You Start Driving Forward. There is nothing in the rear view mirror that is suddenly going to jump to the front windshield unless You put it there! Affirmed Actions are the only guarantee of 'hope' for future successes. Ambition leads you there. Highest Potential is an instantaneous assembly of the available resources, often with no prior experience of usage or collection. The introduction of thoughts of Perfection, would require a model of exact repeatability, a pre-established baseline of predictable or pre-dedicated resultant.
In the initiation of our Affirmed Greatness, there are no pre-dedicated results. Yes, you are flying by the seat of your pants. Faith carries you forward. In the instantaneous assembly of the available resources, every thought stimulates a direction of affirmed action, followed by the collection of data; which initiates a new thought, which stimulates a new directed action… this loop of thought, action, thought, is the self-held, practical application of responsibility yielding to you an instantaneous assembly of resources. The components of uniqueness makes the comparison of perfection an unreasonable presumption. Uniquely, the universe has never attempted to deliver You and Your Desire of Purpose, in this light, there is no basis of comparison. Thus, the thing that you attempt to DO, or to BE, or to GIVE, the notions, ideas and thoughts which you conjure to support the chaos which surrounds You, the Highest Potential which you seek to discover and deliver, are undisputedly, perfectly Imperfect for You and You alone.

An Assignment of Separation…

Your first assignment is to set-up a data folder to hold all this stuff; your best bet is to acquire a three ring binder... I know, Old School. Why do I encourage an old school 3-ring binder? Simply for separation. Separation? That's right! The transformation of your unique Desire of Purpose dictates that you separate this information and its tools and exercises from the rest of your mind cluttering 'stuff'.

Recognize that, You are about to transition your life... separation allows you to see the significance of;

  • WHO you are, in terms of Becoming,
  • WHAT it is that you hear as your Desire of Purpose,
  • WHY you find Inspiration and Motive to walk this path,
  • WHY NOT, in terms of clearing negativity and overcoming your inner fear,
  • HOW?!? is found in the assembled collection of these resources.  

In the transformation of Desire of Purpose there will be many distractions which cause you to lose focus, and you will come upon a multitude of opportunities to abandon your Desire of Purpose. You are going to rely on the information collected through these tools and exercises of Affirmation; leaning on them heavily at times and I can almost guarantee that there will come a time, or two, when this information will serve as your life vest of survival.
Can you appreciate why, this transition that you seek, it deserves to be appropriately archived and, this means that it must be separated from your music, gaming apps, and social connections. Besides, since the invention of the Gutenberg Press, paper has not seen many non-compatible format changes or losses of its operating system.

So, go! grab a binder and lets start filling it with the stuff that transforms Your One Great Life.

To get started - the things that you are going to want to place into your binder...

  -- If you have never seen this before here is the blog post link.

  -- Your First Exercise... Click the Link, Print and Fill-in your name

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Next Up:  The Exploration of Thoughts...

Mindful Moments (Thoughts to Take Away):
If there ever was a truly special day, today is that day. Today, I have allowed myself the freedom of unhindered opportunity, the opportunity of Becoming More. Today I have accepted the responsibility to initiate my Affirmation of Greatness. This Affirmation is a reassurance that Greatness resides within me, and it is my duty to transition this Greatness into its physical equivalence. The Simplicity of Becoming More is reduced to the planned Accumulation of Affirmed Acts, each aimed at Being, or Doing or Giving More.

---      ---      ---

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