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HOW to Affirm, Things & Thoughts, & Thoughts as Things...

So tell me… How did last weeks exercise go? Did you take the time to set-up your OneGR8Life binder and to complete your starting point affirmation?  These are two very simple tasks that set the foundation of transformations.

Why start here? Because, HOW to transform a notion, idea, or thought perplexes many! The usual outcome, without these foundational acts is to begin and then to stall out, in a week or two. And then convince yourself that the idea wasn’t ‘you’. Or worse, you begin a litany of negative self-talk about, what a stupid idea that was, and then fabricate all the reasons HOW it would never work. HOW has always been the fundamental unknown. Most of us have ideas of needs and wants, but HOW usually keeps us reserved or unwilling to venture too far into the release of our inner greatness. My contribution is to help you get the things that you want by walking with you through a repeatable path. If you missed out on last weeks opportunity here is the link and the link to the exercise.

This week you get a chance to look at the ability of each of us to formulate the things of thoughts. Then, we’ll look at Thoughts as Things, in the form of Desired Purpose; Affirmed Acts aimed at Being, or Doing, or Giving More.

Now let’s move forward together… shall we?

Things and Thoughts...
Can you remember back to your first bike or skate board? Do you remember wondering, thinking, how you were ever going to learn the skill of balance, so that you could ride with the wind in your hair. Can you remember back to your first day in Algebra class? I can! I remember that I had just finished mastering the skills of basic math; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Mysteriously, I got through Algebra, and in doing so I received the privilege to move on to Geometry, and then on to Calculus. When I got to Calculus I found it a bit foreign and abstract. Truthfully, I was not very good at it. In fact, I struggled!! But, my Desired Purpose was to earn my Bachelors Degree in Engineering and therefore I had few choices; I could either figure out a way to master the principles of Calculus or I could watch my Desire of becoming an Engineer wash away.

In your OneGR8Life, to Be, to Do, or to Give, Anything that YOU Desire - is absolutely no different than learning to balance as you rode your bike or my mastering the principles of Calculus. So let's break it down...

Thoughts as Things...
The starting point here is Ambition, in the form of the Desire to fulfill a Purpose. A Purpose is already within you in the form of a notion, idea or thought. One single thought is all it takes! That's right - Your Desire, Your Purpose is just One thought away. At this point, it becomes important for you to realize that, even subconsciously, thoughts are transforming into things. From early birth until today, these thoughts, are things that You control.

The significance of Thoughts as Things can be appreciated once you comprehend that as ‘things’ thoughts then become subject to the physical laws of nature. At this realization we can then comprehend how to move and develop thoughts from the subconscious into the conscious; transforming their physical equivalence. As you move thoughts to take on a physical nature, within our minds-eye, you can then assign to them size, shape, weight, volume and orders of magnitude.

In our external human environment we understand physical things. Placing thoughts as things simply allows you to breakdown your Desire of Purpose into a common denominator of personal understanding. Let’s explore this...

We started with fun things, fun thoughts... I want to learn to ride a bike. I want to learn to ride a skateboard. We moved on to mind expanding things... I want to learn a foreign language, I want to be the valedictorian of my class. We might have athletic thoughts... Here is the point, Do you realize that you can have this thought; I Desire a Job - just as easy you CAN have this following thought, I Desire a job that earns $150,000 annually.

Wait a minute... Desire a Job vs. Desire a Job that earns $150,000 annually?

   you’re kidding - right?
Look!  Only the conscious section of the mind can see this difference.  The sub-conscious section of the mind only knows that you have given it a command of desire in the form of a notion, idea or thought. All it now wants to do is satisfy the request of your command. All it wants to do is to transform this notion, thought or idea into a physical equivalence. The greatest power if the subconscious mind is that, it only sees the infinite possibilities of HOW.

Once planted with a seed of Desire, your subconscious immediately goes to work to resolve the issue. It simply sees your thought, idea or notion as a ‘thing’; void of size, shape, weight or magnitude. If you retain this thought in a state of faith, let it brew in confidence - your subconscious WILL present a method of Obtainment to your every notion, idea or thought.

You Desire a Job that earns $150,000 annually, your subconscious starts searching the database of memory, when it cannot find what you have asked for, it will come to recognize that it cannot provide a physical equivalence, it will then immediately begin to use whatever resources are available to provide to you a solution for the Obtainment of your Desire of Purpose. Through the controlled repetition of your desired thought, your subconscious WILL NOT give-up or give-in, until it has satisfied your command in the form of physical, mental, or spiritual equivalence.

Suddenly, HOW is tamed to be an ally of discovered and delivered greatness. And, it is already within You! Yes, it is all very rudimentary. The catch point is this… the same fundamental practice which you employed to learn to ride a bike, or to find a date on Friday night, is the same fundamental practice which you employ to put a man on the moon, downsize technology from a room sized super-processor to a handheld device. It is also the same fundamental practice which will lead you to resolve ANYTHING, which you hold as a desire of purpose.

This is Extraordinarily POWERFUL...
The Problem to date is, You haven't slowed down enough to UNCOVER your Purpose, to listen to your thoughts, to hold them in a state of Faith, or allow them to brew in confidence. Typically, you have a thought for a fleeting moment, move to can't and then abandon that thought, replacing it with another; for many, this cycle perpetuates through a lifetime. You need to Stop this!

You must slow down long enough to listen, to UNCOVER Purpose, to assign Destination and Direction, to peel yourself to the core of understanding both your sources of motive and inspirations. I know… who has time for all that ‘stuff’. Sorry, about that! Recognize once and for all, there are no elevators to the lasting successes which brings to your life, self sustained joy and happiness. There are only stairs! Only when you become intrigued enough to build one thought on top of another for the sake of transforming that thought into physical equivalence, will the staircase of HOW be revealed to you.

Uncovered Desire of Purpose…

Now let me ask... Have a uncovered a Desire of Purpose? Have you identified the 'thing' that you are going to Ambitiously hold in faith and seek to transform it into its physical equivalence?

  • If YES, then, I need you to start by writing it down. In the posts that follow we are going to expand your Desire of Purpose to include Declaration, Exchange and Intention. So please, take a post-it or make a smart-phone note to record your Desire of Purpose, as to not forget it.
  • If NO, then, you want to be working to uncover your Desire of Purpose. The only ingredient required is the isolation of a little time. Look at your daily tasks, squeeze 15 minutes to sit in silence, then start by asking yourself this very simple question... HOW can I Serve?

Overwhelming Expressions...

Just 15 minutes per day, is all that you are asking to give to yourself - now, because you are human, at first expect a flood of distracting thoughts and emotions to bubble-up. Just hang in-there... the flood of distraction is your conscious mind attempting to assign judgement to your thought in terms of size, and shape, and weight, etc. Remember, as you start, that you are bring with you all the judgments of the day. It takes practice to eliminate the judgement and to distill a thought as a stand alone bubble.

The goal is to UNCOVER, How can I Serve? Here is the beauty: There is no time limit to the discovery of this answer and there is NO WRONG answer. Your answer is as unique as your fingerprint and as fragile as a snowflake. Your answer is evolutionarily, each 15 minutes begins where the last 15 minutes left-off. To accommodate the evolution of your answer, you must record and archive your developing notions, ideas, and thoughts.

So, where are you going with this provoking question... You are your deepest desire - You can Be, or Do, or Give, Anything... You will become what you think about.

---      ---      ---

NEXT UP:  Next week we are Dark ~ I have a Wedding to perform in Seattle. As many of you may know, my wife, Janice was a competitive swim coach for 30+ years. With no children of our own, we took advantage of the opportunity to provide influence and direction into the lives of hundreds of young people. Many with their own children now, this is the tail end of the yet to be married group.

We will start-up again on;
  • Monday;  09/17 - Look for Our Resolution of the Week
  • Tuesday; 09/18 - Blog Post will explore our next AFFIRMATION Exercise. It should serve to freely blend your conscious and subconscious thoughts.

Grant to yourself the permission to Dream; relax, take a deep breathe, regardless of past circumstance, remind yourself that you are Transforming your Human Operating System. This is a new software upgrade; improvements include; bring yourself into the frame of mind that this is your OneGR8Life, along with an Obtainment patch, allowing you to Be, or to Do, or to Give, Anything that you Desire.

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I Leave you this week with a recognition in Gratitude…

The Lives that we Touch, Create the Tapestry of our Lives...
At this point it becomes important for me to stop and publicly acknowledge my High School math teacher, Ms. Margaret Murphy. You see, she tutored me through College Calculus -Sacrificing her Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for my personal gain. I never had a chance to properly say Thank-You to her, until now! “Ms. Murphy, Thank-You! Without your Kindness, Compassion and Lessons in Humility I would never have completed my prescribed course of studies; we both know this to be true.” The resultant being, that this blog series may never have happened. And Toots, that would have been a shame.
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