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Potential - Without Restrictions; Breaking into I CAN

In our September 1st post we unfolded the concept of thoughts as things. If you missed this post, I would encourage you to backtrack and give it a read... As you may know the OneGR8Life blog post is currently posting in a sequential manner - that is, each post picks-up where the last post left off, and, this post will lead into the very next post. We will continue in this fashion through 2015. WHY are we doing this? We are doing this because in reality you're reading an unpublished book... You are reading as I am writing.

I could use your help with this book series... I am looking for 7-10 pre-readers. Do you have a little extra time? Are interested in reading and critiquing early unedited copies, as I complete each series? If you are interested in this offer, no strings, email me; phil@OneGR8Life.com / post 'Pre-read: #CreatingPhenomenal' in the subject line. Thanks In advance!

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Now, Let's get back to, where we left-off; shall we?

Today, you are going to take a look at a prolific example of Subconscious Thought to Physical Equivalence.

The 15 Minute Plan...

  1. Dedicate 15 minutes daily to work on identifying the 'thing' that you are willing to call your Desire of Purpose. This 'thing' in the form of Purpose, represents your Deepest Desire; you are going to Ambitiously hold this Desire in faith and you seek to transform it into its physical equivalence.
  2. Your Desire will evolve into one of three forms... something that you Desire to BE, something that you Desire to DO, something that you Desire to GIVE. Remember, it is Your OneGR8Life - Dream it! Create it! Close your eyes and ask yourself, if I could Be, Do or Give Anything - I would...
  3. At this point, DO NOT burden you notion, idea or thought of Desire with judgement. Allow yourself the liberty to simply feel from within, to Uncover your Deepest Desire, to record it just as you emotionalize it. Model it in glory and paint it in grandiose color. Your only responsibility at this point is to simply keep it sterile, free from the soiled judgments of CAN'T.

"The future belongs to those who
believe in the beauty of their dreams."
~Eleanor Roosevelt

The CAN'T Entrapment...

The natural laws of our universe are the same laws which are to be used in the transformation of your Desire of Purpose. Operating under this umbrella of protected thought, CAN'T does not exist. Thus, you must remove it from your vocabulary of thought. YES, I know this initially appears as an impossible request.

I understand that for many, CAN'T has been fed to you, as a steady diet, for so long that you have become complacent in its consumption. It has been reported, that for many before we have broken out of our teen years, that we may have heard “CAN'T” more that 150,000 times. Yet, we are told “CAN” only slightly more than 5,000 times. That’s 1 CAN, for every 30 time you have heard CAN'T. Is there any surprise that reaching your Highest Human Potential appears to be such a foreign realization? Or, that refraining from casting judgement upon your Desire of Purpose, for even the shortest measurable portion of time is difficult to accomplish?

This programming in favor of the negative IS NOT your natural habit. Yet, we continue to limit our life, our beliefs about our self, our goals and our expectation of humanity, by blindly following course and instilling the restrictions of CAN'T upon the next generation. You are not created to live the fear and limitations that you carry with you. You were created to believe in your potential, you were created to discover and deliver not in mediocrity, but rather in Glory and Greatness.

I understand that this may be difficult for some to comprehend. I understand that for some, this will be difficult to appreciate, considering the circumstance of your personal past. So, let me ask this... How well is the past process that you so desperately cling to working out for you?

Recognize that your past thoughts and behavior can only yield to you, your present circumstance. If you change nothing, then nothing changes. Thus, to Be, Do or Give more, something must change. You have read it before and You must read it again: If no changes were necessary for you to live your OneGR8Life, you'd already be there. All you are being asked to do is, follow your Map to Obtainment as you Dream, Create and Live your OneGR8Life.

Breaking into CAN...

From the moment you were born, can’t, shouldn't, won’t, have been forced upon you. You have programmed to be less than you are destined to be; living with the natural laws of Obtainment suppressed. To break into CAN, recall the ease at which a rose opens into the radiance of blossom, recall the natural ease in which the sun rises, and the stars sparkle. Please, do not confuse these thoughts with the lack of needed action. You are going to have to take action, and take action daily. But this action does not have to be burdensome, or persevered relentlessly. Rest assured that you are called to deliver your greatness through the course of ambitious behavior, under the umbrella of natural laws, creating an environment of ease for the transformation of your Desire of Purpose into its physical equivalence.

Subconscious to Physical Equivalence...

It is critical that you recognize the beauty and the power of this relationship between subconscious thoughts and conscious physical equivalence. This relationship outlines why you must be careful of what you ask for; verbally, as a conscious act and/or silently, as a subconscious notion. Most significantly, recognize that only You have complete and undeniable control over your thoughts. This leaves you and only you, completely responsible for the development and delivery of the things that you Desire to Be, or Do, or Give. Not Luck, not the Breaks, not education, not family environment, not privilege of community, not race, or age; the responsibility to Be, or Do, or Give falls upon You and You alone! It cannot fall anywhere else!!

In your OneGR8Life life,
You WILL Attract to yourself
the physical equivalence
of those things
that you think about!

Still having trouble believing that it is this simple to Be, or Do, or Give Anything that You Desire?

Remember this; Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympic athlete to date, once held a thought - ‘I want to earn 8 Gold Medals at the 2008 Olympic Games’. This is what Michael wanted to Be, Do, or Give. Now, as far as we know, no universal life form has ever accomplished this, we do know for fact that in the modern Olympic era, no human had ever done this before, we know Michael had never done this before.

For most of us, our first conscious thought would have to be something like...
  • Good Luck with That!
  • What a vivid imagination, what you are asking for is impossible!
  • There is no way one person can beat the best of the best, 8 consecutive times in a 10 day period.
  • CAN'T BE Done, end of story; no sense in trying.

So what happened here?

Michael’s desire was in the form of BE something; The first person to earn 8 gold medals in a single Olympic games. His exchange was to DO and to GIVE. When the notion first made its appearance within Michael’s mind, His subconscious didn't respond by saying; Oh Sh!t, I am going to have to conjure up a physical equivalence of HUGE Magnitude. No, It just went to work. Once recognizing that it could not deliver a physical equivalence from within its own bank of memory, it began to internalizing every detail of skill and will in perfect subconscious harmony - only on the outside, consciously, did we see the magnitude of the Desire that had been requested.

I'd say Michael’s subconscious did pretty well. Somehow he attracted to himself all the right combinations of skill and will, and delivered his purpose. Forever transforming a single notion, idea or thought, backed by Faith, into the physical equivalence of 8 Olympic Gold Medals. The world records collected along the way represented his earned reward for the years of dedication invested in his self-discovery.

So where are you going? What is it that you Desire to BE, Do, or Give? Have you answered to yourself; What Do I Want...  Have you written it down?

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Advancing Thoughts... Understand that the universe is willing to do the heavy lifting, that the Abundance which surrounds you WILL flow easily and freely to you... if you are willing to hold your thought in faith; to ask in Affirmation.

Mindful Moments (Thoughts to Take Away):
What is it that I see as my Purpose? This Purpose represents my Deepest Heart felt, Desire. I AM committed in Faith to NOT leave the planet without uncovering my Deepest Desire of Purpose; without transforming this Purpose into its physical equivalence, without the Obtainment of my Highest Human Potential.

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