Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Go Ahead, THINK… It’s Transformational!

Advancing Thoughts...

Moving beyond thoughts of simple survival, the beauty of uncovering your Desire of Purpose is that thinking never ends. You possess complete control to advance your thoughts to include all sorts of imagined things...

  • Professional/career things; I want to Be the first person in my family to earn a Law Degree from Harvard, I want to learn great entrepreneurial skills from Stanford University. I will learn to become the Very Best in my field, trade, vocation.
  • Family/relationship things; I want to learn to Be a great Mother/Father, In a spirit of caring and compassion; I want to develop the skill of unconditional love.
  • Financial things; I want to Have an annual net income of $150,000, or I want to Do 10 million dollars in product sales.
  • Personal things; How about - I want to Have a business of my own, where I assist in the nurturing of abandoned, undesired infants.

Can you see how easy it really is to fulfill your responsibility to Be, or Do, or Give, Anything that You Desire?

THINK... It’s Perfectly Natural!

To get started, all you have to do is... THINK! Afraid to start thinking? Don't be afraid - the universe will support your thoughts. The irony is the universe is broadcasting ideas in the form of needs, 24/7/365.  You should grow comfortable with the fact, the universe is recruiting thinkers constantly! Your immediate task is to get recruited.

Besides you were made to think. The ability to think and to act with purpose, beyond survival, is what separates humans from all the other creatures on the face of the earth. So, start being human and start thinking - grab a tablet (papered or digital), create a file titled PURPOSE, or start a new heading in your journal. Now, start looking and listening for ideas of need which the universe must resolve.  As you see, or hear of a need, you must begin by writing these notions, ideas or thoughts down. DO NOT leave it to chance that, you will remember 1hr from now the significant thought that just rolled into your mind. Your daily life is filled with distracting thoughts. If you are serious about the discovery and delivery of your Deepest Desire, you must develop the habit of writing down your notions, ideas and thoughts. This is the only way for you to pick-up your list tomorrow, read again what you wrote today and begin to expand your Intentions and Declarations. Notions, ideas and thoughts are much like shooting stars across the night sky. Burning brightly, to catch your attention, and fading just as quickly. Make sure to catch the amazement of your notions by writing them down, they are uniquely You and are powerful beyond measure!

Do not become alarmed or anxious; indeed, some thoughts just do not resonate to maturity from within. These non-maturing thoughts may eventually go away or resonate at a different period of life. At some point an idea will stick, and, supporting thoughts WILL arrive to fully mature your original notion; I promise you, this happens - just as rising sun follows the setting moon.

Developing PURPOSE...

Don't freak out when you start wondering about HOW will I deliver this - HOW is coming sooner than you know. Just keep looking, listening, thinking, and keep writing - You are looking for What and Why, only. We'll take care of HOW shortly. - First, give a few minutes to - Your Deepest Desire to uncover your Divine PURPOSE!

"First have a Dream. And by a Dream,
I mean a day-dream - A glorious, wonderful, day-dream.
Then ask yourself, what would it be like if it were true?
That I am now the man (person) I am
dreaming I would like to be. What would it be like...
Then catch the mood of this wish fulfilled
and drench yourself with that feeling!"
                                         -Neville Goddard, 1905-1972.

Words of Encouragement...

The significance of PURPOSE backed by Faith has been outlined to us in these word:
  • What the Mind of Man Can Conceive and Believe it Can Achieve.

This formulated thought was revealed to us through Earl Nightingale, and is repeated through-out his lifetime of work. Earl often referred to it as ‘the strangest secret’.

In this ‘secret’ you are reminded that you can only see what you already know. That your current circumstance is a collection of all that you have thought to-date. If you are dissatisfied with your current circumstance, or are simply looking to improve upon a good thing, you transform by thinking. In this way you are empowered to move with confidence; if you can see a Universal need to be resolved, the inspired thoughts of resolution must already be with you.

Self-Radiance of Highest Potential…

It is my greatest hope that you begin where you stand! Record your inspired thoughts, expand them to include the isolation of Inspiration and Motivation. Holding these thoughts as things through your expansion from within-to-the-outside, to overcome all restraints. This is Your Self-Radiance of Highest Potential!   

In your OneGR8Life, Self-Radiance is your gift of Divinity. Self-Radiance is never to be an Affirmation of ego driven self-love, self-admiration, self-absorption. Rather, Self-Radiance is your Divine Purpose, Affirmed in the service to others. Divine Purpose, held in thought, is positively transformational; a radiation of LOVE from within-to-the-outside. Self-Radiance is intended as your Becoming; once discovered, it permeates your existance of Being, or Doing, or Giving.

This is HOW?!? you share your unique gifts to the world, in the exacting passage of your life on earth. This is your source of Self-Sustained Joy and Happiness.

“Forever Bridged in Tranquility,
is our Divine Purpose
and our Mortal Existence”

Your Deepest Desire...

So the time has come... I need you to tell me two things;

    1) What do you Want?
    2) Why do you Want it?

Please, feel free to shoot me an email... tell me your story of Self-Radiance.

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Mindful Moments (Thoughts to Take Away):
My greatest moments of self-radiance are no more than a simple choice to let my light shine, breaking the barriers of darkness. I choose to shine... I choose to shine! In my moment of choice and commitment, I will find Universal support of continued thought, sufficient to carry-me until I deliver my Desire of Purpose. It is my OneGR8Life; I choose to Dream it, to Create it, to Live it!

---      ---      ---

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