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Acts of Affirmation; In Service to Others.

How Can I BE of Service...
In terms of Acts of Affirmation, your highest potential is realized in Service to Others. Service to Others is your go-to for Soul expanding, self-sustained, Happiness. In the opening quote, Gandhi presents a HUGE insight to the value of service to others. In Your One Great Life you are called upon to Discover and Deliver the greatness which lies within. This is HOW?!? you get to share your unique gifts to the world. Service to Others is why we are here, here, as in, on earth; as in why I dedicate my time and energy, giving so freely, to the exploration of YourOneGR8Life. 

Service to Others is an Affirmed Act of Giving, Not an indentured act of servitude. Service to Others is in No Way an open invitation to become a door mat! But rather, an affirmed act of mutual respect in which you are allowed to receive in return a greater portion of that which you gave. In Faith, we come to understand that, the Universe in which we live is held in Equilibrium. Held in the spirit of mutual Love, Every act of giving enjoys its equal portion of receipt in return... thus we come to realize that the more we give in service, the greater the opportunities to serve we receive in return. Becoming More, is then reduced to an accumulation of Affirmed Acts, aimed at Being, or Doing, or Giving More.

Thinking That You Have
so Much More to Give, If,
You could Only
Figure Out HOW?!?

Today, let's share a bit from my past. See if you can recognize the call to service and the opportunity to find myself, and to lose myself in the serve others.

Responsibilities of Message...
The door opened and all I could see was the back of 13 heads. I was escorted into the room by the Regional V.P. of Sales. He introduced me as the new Sales Manager, spouted out how he expected greater things out of this group and then left the room. I saw the look in their eyes... Oh great, here we go again; another Sales Manager wannabe, thinking he is going to make a name for himself by beating the hell out of me, pressuring me to make uncomfortable sales, screaming and belittling me when I don't make goal; just great!

I had worked hard to earn this moment, as many do with the aspiration of becoming a Sales Manager. And, this was my team, all 13; 3 sales admins and a core group of 10 sales peeps. I was the third sales manager for this group in the past 20 months... they'd been through the 'first day speech' before. Their team performance had slipped to a ranking of 87th out of 100. Their best individual performer was ranked 150th, out-of-500 sales colleagues. Their checkbooks had dwindled back to month-to-month existence. Gone was the hype of 5-figure commissions, and lost was the free wheeling swagger of being a top performer.

~Phillip A. Lopez

Responsibilities of Actions...
They had so much more to offer, but didn’t know HOW!?! They had been left on their own, to manage their personal message. But had not been empower to accept the responsibility of message and actions. They had set a goal of mediocrity and had settled to perform below that goal. In the next 10 minutes that all began to change...

Earlier on that Tuesday morning, the April sales figures had been published. Of course, I printed them-out, copied them and carried them into the room with me. I took the time and handed a copy to each on the sales team. Most didn't even look at that sheet of paper, the room had fallen silent and most had stopped taking notes. You could see, the wheels spinning; on that Tuesday, they braced for the first-day brow beating, just as the previous Sales Managers had been trained and prompted to deliver.

A Transformation - Affirmed in I AM...
I took a different approach. What I asked them to do was to take the sheet of paper and fold it lengthwise into thirds; to make the shape of a lying down triangle. On the forward face, I gave them the instruction to Write, beginning on the Left, I AM...  With eyebrow raised, they began looking to see who they could borrow a pen from. Something was different, they told me years later. Immediately, they sat up in their chairs and waited for the next instruction. After the words I AM... I would like you to write your “name." Then, please, turn your triangle to face yourself, so that it can serve as a name tag, a reminder, an Affirmation of WHO you are!

Now, read it to yourself, Silently. Is the statement in front of you, True or False? Just raise your hand if you believe the statement is, True…

Next, in the lower left corner, I want you to write down the current balance in your checking account. You don’t need to be embarrassed here, your teammates are just as broke as you are, and the sales report which you are writing on will serve to support your current circumstance. Please, just write down your current balance.

Now, read it to yourself, Silently. Is the statement in front of you, True or False? Just raise your hand if you believe the statement is, True…

Ok, On the same line, in the center, I need you write down your dream balance. This is the balance that you will find in your checkbook, when income, and sales are no longer an issue. Alright, now that you have your checkbook loaded, I need you put your pen down and sit back in your chair and close your eyes for 60 seconds.

I know that each of you are either married, engaged or significantly involved in a relationship. Eyes closed… I want you to picture in your mind the checkbook balance that you JUST wrote down and, I want you to pick a place where you are going to travel to with your significant other. I want you see the airport you are departing from, I want you to see the aisle and seat that you are going to, I want you to see the hotel that you are going to stay at, I want you to see the joyous expression on the faces of your loved one and family if you have one.

Now, once you have this mental image firmly planted in your mind… I just need you to keep your eyes closed and stand-up. On that Tuesday, it took less than 50 seconds for each to stand-up. Once they were all on the feet, I simply said to them… this image racing through your mind - this is why you kick-ass at work! From this very moment, for each and everyday that we will share together, You are responsible for your message, you are responsible for the actions which carry your message into reality. When you are ready to accept this responsibility, I invite you to sit down. Once, you are seated, I want you to pick-up your pen and write your travel destination in the lower far right corner.

We never looked at those sales reports on that Tuesday. Symbolically, we used them as a turning point, granting ourselves permission to release the past and to begin anew. To begin, from the inside-outward. Throughout the history of mankind, Great performances have been initiated as a simple Desire, reinforced with acts taken in Ambition and repeated daily to forge their transformation into physical equivalence.

It is no different with your Desire of Purpose. If you know WHO - WHAT, WHY, WHY NOT in the form of inner fear, and HOW?!? will follow.



On that Tuesday, My Sales Team took their name tags back to their sales desks, each finding a strategic desk top location. They stared at those silly name tags until the swagger returned; until they had transformed themselves into the physical equivalence of WHO they wanted to be, into the income level they desired, until they could deliver to themselves and their loved ones the lifestyle they each desired.

No Browbeating? No Belittlement of past performance? No Aggressive Sales Techniques? No Duping an unsuspecting Customer for a buck? In the simple words of I AM, we initiated their transformation. By December of that same year, the team found themselves ranked in the top 15; Four of the top 20 sales performers came from this group. I remain indebted to this group for their commitment to excellence delivered daily.

---      ---      ---

The question of the day...
Can you see the opportunities of Abundance sitting before You? Opportunities to deliver Your Very Best, in the service to others.

---      ---      ---

Mindful Moments (Thoughts to Take Away):
The speed at which I transform my Desire of Purpose into physical equivalence will be directly related to my created Statement of Affirmation, held in Faith. My Affirmation will initiate with 'I AM'...  Today, I AM being called to deliver the Greatness which lies within me. I AM willing to convert this Greatness into its Physical Equivalence - I Can BE, DO, or GIVE, any notion, idea or thought that I AM willing to hold in Affirmation of Faith.

---      ---      ---

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