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DISCOVER: Purpose Undefined...

“In every Human Being, whether emperor or cowboy, prince or pauper, philosopher or slave, there is a mysterious something, which he neither understands nor controls. It may lie dormant for so long as to be almost forgotten. It may be so repressed that the man supposes it was dead. 
But one night, he is alone in the desert, under the starry sky. One day he stands with bowed head and damp eyes beside an open grave or there comes an hour when he clings with desperate instinct to the wet rail of a storm-tossed boat, and suddenly, out of the forgotten depths of his being, this mysterious something leaps forth. 
It over-reaches habit, it pushes aside reason, and, with a voice that WILL NOT be denied, it cries out its questioning and its prayer.”
~Bruce Barton
What Can a Man Believe - 1927

The Source of Real Desires and Riches...
It took me near 30+ years of research, trial and error, to find the truth and hidden riches of these words. These words have to be the most powerful collection assembled to open our next discussion;
DISCOVER - Infinite Inspiration and Motivation. 

The Obtainment of your Highest Human Potential will percolate from this source. As you will see, the discovery of and delivery of your Desire of Purpose, is what drives Obtainment. If You stop to review your Map to Obtainment, you will soon come to realize that Obtainment is a Value Proposition. Ambition initiates the flow of value, springing forth with WHO and then transforms into WHAT, followed by WHY; and only then can we exchange it for HOW. The increasing Proposition stems from, the opportunity to Be, Do, or Have more by simply becoming more... recognize 'now', that the more you give, the more you become eligible to receive.

You are today in your current circumstance because of the What thoughts, and experiences, that have carried you to this point; to this day. You can be no more and be no less than what you currently know. Twenty pages from now you will be in possession of infinitely more knowledge. When this occurs the universe will have the privilege of expecting more from you. You see it is very simple; where much is given, much is expected in return.

Thus, to Obtain your Desire of Purpose, new things will be required of you; you must expand your understanding in order to carry ‘new’ thoughts. The current goal remains to transform these new thoughts and ideas into Purpose. Yes, the delivery of your Desire of Purpose will require new thoughts of faith, transformed into courageous acts. At this particular point in your REBOOT cycle, you must have faith to believe that which you do not fully understand. You must grow your knowledge such that, you no longer believe that your own limitations, your current self-limiting thoughts, are the proper measure of your limitations.

Recall, our earlier statement...

In my OneGR8Life,
it is my responsibility,
it is my duty,
to Have, Be or Do
Anything that I Desire!

You need to memorize this statement as the first REBOOT Principle towards the Obtainment of Highest Human Potential.

If you stopped reading right here and spent the rest of your life simply applying this single Principle, you would have a tough time not stumbling across the finish line with Desires satisfied and Riches attained. But, 'attainment' is not what we are after. 'Obtainment' of Highest Human Potential remains as our Desire of intentional focus. So let’s march on. It is significant that we understand the origin of Desire and ultimately uncover the method to transform this thought of desire into meaningful Purpose.

5 Questions of Receivership...
In the discovery and transformation of Purpose, there are 5 questions of receivership. My hope is that you would record these questions and initiate their response in a journal. Your journal can be as simple as a smart phone 'notes' titled My OneGR8Life. It is critical that you reflect on these questions and resolve yourself to a reply.

Here are the 5 Questions of Receivership:

(1)  Who am I?

(2)  What do I feel?

(3)  What do I want to Be, Do or Have?

(4)  What is my Passion?

(5)  What is my Purpose?

Keep your mind clear!  Avoid the anxiety of attempting to resolve for HOW?!? Give yourself permission to Dream, to Create, to Live. The focus of this exercise is Who and What, Only!

Remain Calm... The answer to these questions may be buried so deep, that they may seem to have been dismissed or, may have lied dormant for so long as to be almost forgotten, or may be so repressed that you suppose they were dead. 

Rejoice and be filled with Gratitude... The more you Give, the more you Receive!
   ~ You have been encoded from birth to resolve these questions.

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