Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Directions of Desire (2) /Your Test Drive

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Test Drive...
Well, Grab the keys - Let’s roll!!   Let’s start simple...

Desire to HAVE: A New Car.
EXCHANGE: BE in a financial position to afford the expense, DO have a list of desired make, model, color and accessories which fit your budget.

Desire to BE: A Doctor
EXCHANGE: HAVE compassion for others, coupled with patience and determination to endure the required studies, DO go to Medical School, DO Study, Learn and Apply in confidence the knowledge gained.

Desire to DO: Generate Sales of $2.5M annually.
EXCHANGE: HAVE an understanding of a Product or Service capable of supporting this sales volume, BE on the constant look-out for methods to over-deliver to this targeted market.

Desire to DO: Advance and Promote Highest Human Potential.
EXCHANGE: HAVE the willingness to spend 30+ years in the study and application of the principles of Success, Attainment and Personal Development. BE compelled to spend the remaining years of your life to share this with as many people as possible. BE willing to dedicate your efforts to 'Improving the Human Condition'.

Desire to BE: World Resource of Digital Marketing.
EXCHANGE: DO build a network of like-minded resources. Do recognize your network of cognizant relationships; physically (face-to-face) and socially (digital), HAVE the innate personal character to employ the principles of reciprocity with your network.

Desire to HAVE: A Family filled with Love and Mutual Respect.
EXCHANGE: BE patient, loving and kind. BE willing to lead this one by example, DO live each day in understanding of the principles of unconditional love, DO build your relationship in harmony with the Divine Source of unconditional love.

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I suggest that You give it a try - Here is a Link to the DISCOVER / Exchange Worksheet.

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Take Away Thought:  It is my OneGR8Life. And, I AM responsible to Be, Do, or Have Anything that I Desire. AMBITION initiates the transformation of my notions, ideas, or thoughts into their physical equivalence. This transformation occurs only when I combine and exchange in Greater value. The Universe operates in Equilibrium. I AM willing to combine and exchange in Greater value to fulfill My Desire of Purpose.

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