Saturday, August 31, 2013

OneGR8Life: Twelve Real Riches...

DISCOVER... Real Riches
Dr. Napoleon Hill in the delivery of his Desire of Purpose, documented some pretty amazing ‘stuff’. He is the author of a book titled Think and Grow Rich. In his book, Dr. Hill may have compiled the most worthy list to be found in the identification of Real Riches. Below, I share his list with you.

My only desire is to assist your thinking and guidance, as you UNCOVER your thought of Universal need and DISCOVER your Inspiration and Motive to deliver your unique Desire of Purpose.

In  his own words...
“Everyone desires to be rich.
But not everyone knows what
constitutes enduring riches.
And, most people believe riches to consist of
only in material things that one can buy.”
-Napoleon Hill

Twelve Things that Constitute Real Riches...

     - A Positive Mental Attitude.
     - Sound Physical Health
     - Harmony in Human Relations
     - Freedom from Fear
     - The Hope of Future Achievement
     - The Capacity for Applied Faith
     - Willingness to Share One’s Blessings with Others
     - To Be Engaged in a Labor of Love
     - An Open Mind on All Subjects, Towards All People
     - Complete Self-Discipline
     - Wisdom with Which to Understand People
     - Financial Security

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Take Away Thoughts:  Observe if you will, the fact that MONEY, financial security, comes at the end of the list, of the Twelve Things that makes men rich.

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Next week begins a new installment series: EXCHANGE --- Exploring Price-to-Value, Thoughts, Imagination, and Lions, and Tigers and Bears... Oh My!

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