Thursday, August 22, 2013

Finding Support to Endure.

As you will see, the discovery of and the Desire to deliver your internal Divine Purpose, drives Obtainment. You will soon come to realize that Obtainment is a Value Proposition. The flow of value will initiate with WHO and then transform into WHAT, followed by WHY; and only then can we exchange it for HOW.

Passion is the genesis of genius.
~ Tony Robbins

Passion - A Freely Accepted Challenge...
As you travel on towards the delivery of your OneGR8Life, there will come many temptations to abandon your created dream. Let's face it, what you are attempting to do is not easy. If it were, many more would find and travel the path that you are on. In Faith you must not despair; once you have freely accepted the challenge to travel the path of Obtainment, you are assured Divine support. This source of Divine support must have the ability to provide the necessary additional horsepower to climb every hill and mountain of your journey. In your pursuit to deliver our internal Passion; we both can agree that, it would not be a very kind gesture of the Divine to provide to us a trail to follow and then leave us abandoned with less than adequate skill and will to complete our journey. Correct?

So HOW?!? do we recognize our inherited skill and will?

Fortification - Enduring the Pursuit...
We recognize the tools of skill and will in the form of determination and persistence, we receive these through the created energy of Inspiration and Motive.

Inspiration and Motive serve as the WHY resources of focused action. When Inspiration and Motive are combined toward the Obtainment of your Desire of Purpose, the created synergy acts as fortification. This fortification is sufficient fuel to endure your unresolved pursuit. Recognize Inspiration and Motive as two resources which are multi-faceted. When combined they serve to fortify elevated thought and elicit the emotion necessary to endure the pursuit and delivery of your Highest Human Potential.

Next... HOW?!? you combine the facets of Inspiration and Motive-

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Take away Thought: I must Know WHO, WHAT and WHY before I can Exchange for HOW?!?  -  In faith, I AM granted determination and persistence as traveling partners. To ensure the delivery of my Desire of Purpose I AM fueled by Inspiration and Motivation. I must resolve my 5 Questions of Receivership; here, conveniently wrapped together is my WHY.
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