Thursday, August 1, 2013

Uncover, Discover, Achieve...

In all your educational or life experience - ever taken a class on SYNC?  You know, SYNCing internal traits with external pursuits?  For a majority of you, probably, not!  That's Ok! This is not the stuff they teach in High School, College, In Trade School, In Grad School... When it comes to SYNC, You are left on your own! It wasn't any different for me either. So, I had to create my own system. This system is based on uncovering years of hard charging, compounded by a relentless pursuit with myopic vision. The system has been battle tested and is guaranteed to minimize distractions and reduce uncertainty.

SYNC - Uncover, Discover, Achieve...
UNCOVER - your WHO traits.  Tools required: A Pencil, and a Clear and Truthful Mind. This is a manpower resource issue.  We cannot consistently execute our WHAT, if we have not defined WHO. WHO are you? What are your WHO values? What WHO values run most dominant within your personal fabric? Are the WHO values that You currently possess adequate or compatible for the WHAT You are currently pursuing as your Desire of Purpose? Or, do we need to upgrade our current WHO value set? No harm in upgrading! It is Your OneGR8Life; in order to Live it - You must Create it... to Create it you must first Dream it.

The course work here is to place WHO before WHAT and well before HOW. Big Dreams and Gianormous Goals are the expectation for your OneGR8Life. But, you need to understand that what you are attempting to do is exchange WHO for WHAT. The accomplishment objective, to BE, DO or HAVE more (your WHAT), cannot be fulfilled unless you become more (increase your WHO).

I've said it before, but it is worth repeating... If No Change was necessary for you to Live your OneGR8Life; You'd already be there! The reality is None-of-Us is there, yet. We constantly find ourselves in a state of becoming. As an important note: You should be advised that this is the initiating exchange to be encountered along the Obtainment pathway; Become More, in Exchange to Be, Do or Have More.

DISCOVER - Apply your WHO traits to your WHAT (Desire of Purpose). In this scope we are ready to pick goals that suit our internal frame work.  No more anxiety about being truly committed; you are working outward from an internal core that you exclusively selected. Erased is the internal / external conflict.  Erased are the  fluffy aspirations, and useless Psycho-babble; magically everything blends... Mental, Physical, Spiritual. How can it not? ‘You’ selected your WHO virtues as those that would be required to deliver your Desire of Purpose. Who knows you better than you? Who knows better than You, as to what all is involved in the transformation of your Desire of Purpose. This unique position from which you begin, is meant to launch you forward with extraordinary confidence.

ACHIEVE - In Control; the state of being when - WHO and WHAT are in harmony... Your Being is SYNC'd. You have reviewed WHO you are, and established WHO you need to become, You have determined What is important. - Every thing that you do now comes from an internal core that is based on your individual value system.   - From this state you can start charging forward.

Recognize that past attempts to achieve a specific goal may have lacked the formality of a planned approach. Specifically, a planned approach that roots back to uncovering your individual ‘WHO’ traits.

-- Let me guess... because I can hear it already...

But, HOW?!?
WHERE do these values come from?
WHAT values do I have to choose from?
Is there a SYNC Method or Tool to use?

I promise you, we will uncover the method of ‘HOW’ to UNCOVER and determine your ‘WHO’ traits shortly.

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I have been working on a very special exercise which has been designed specifically to cement today's post into the everyday things that you do. I am especially pleased to announce this to you blog readers as an immediate exclusive. As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago I am working on a book and this exercise will be part of that publication; which looks to be taking shape with a Fall 2014 release. This means that you get to see the exercise a couple of months prior to its general publication.

Now, I think I did a pretty good job on our Map to Obtainment. So you can pretty will guess that our SYNC exercise will deliver very high up there on the HOW?!? scale. I would encourage you to share this news within your network of family, friends, and connects; digital and face-to-face

Please, DO NOT MISS the Tuesday, August 6th, OneGR8Life post. I promise this post will REBOOT your thought process and revolutionize everything that you choose to do!

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