Wednesday, August 21, 2013

MY Bad... I Need to Apologize.

Hey Folks,  I wanted to apologize for any confusion created yesterday -Tuesday, 08/20.

I really pride myself on delivering to you Quality... content and formatting. And, the 'Unlocking the Directions of Desire' post didn't go off exactly as I had hoped...

It posted as scheduled at 3am, but, when I dragged my sleepy self out of bed at 330am, I recognized that I had encountered a web site formatting restriction. Recognizing that things were not exactly crisp -Needless to say I kind-of freaked.

I so love the fact that, you have granted me the opportunity to be part of your OneGR8Life; I never want to take that for granted. Each of you knows the time commitment required to create, and support a blog. Many of you do not know that I support along with a normal 40-50hr work week. (YES, I do have the world's greatest wife!!  -  YES, I am the classic over-achiever type.)  So, waking-up and finding the formatting issues added just - a bit more stress.

I had thought about pulling the post... but, I couldn't do that to you. There is about 80-90 of you that are pulling these post within the first 30 minutes and I was well into that time frame. All I could think of doing to correct this issue, was to 'split' the post into two parts...

    - Unlocking the Directions of Desire (1)
    - Directions of Desire (2) /Your Test Drive

Thanks for understanding!  I appreciate your continued support...